Isla de la Juventud

South of Cuba, across the island from Havana, is the Isla de la Juventud. This island is the largest of the Cuban islands and the 7th largest island in the Caribbean. On our last day, and yes, we are up to our last day, we went to Juventad and spent several hours on the beach. A simple day and absolutely delicious!

Susan sitting on the tender as we motor ashore.

The tender is at the end of the dock on the right.

After our breakfast we queued up for a ship’s tender to go ashore. The day was brilliant and warm. The water was a deep aquamarine and you could look down into it for many meters.

From the tender we could see a long white beach backed by a palm forest. A long pier had been contructed out from the shore and it was there that we tied up.

The closer we got the more inviting the beach became. The forest came right down to the sand and it offered an intense green contrast to the blue and white of the shore.

Susan on the dock as we go ashore.

The Armonia stood a long way off shore. The ocean bottom must have had a very gentle slope.

Sitting in the shade of the palms.

Food and drink was available.

And we had music!

We chose a spot in the palms and put our towels down..

Behind the beach is a small lagoon reached along a sandy trail in the woods.

All of the yellow towels are from the ship..

What might be living in that water caused me some considerable concern .

The palm forest was lush.

The greens were intense.

The trees overhead were wonderful.

The beach was soft white sand and it sloped gently into the water. It was great for wading. If you wanted deeper water you had to go out a long ways. A perfect beach to suit all tastes.

Walking back out on the dock to catch the boat to the Armonia we had a wonderful view of the beach, the water and the palms.

I am not a beach person but this was a very enjoyable afternoon. I liked everything about it and would have spent more time there.

But the attractions of the ship called to us. It was time to eat and dance the night away. So away we went back to the Armonia.

From the dock, near the shore, this is what you saw if you looked down into the water. Can you see the fish?

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