And Home Again

And that was our Cuban cruise adventure. It was time to go home. The end of a vacation comes with mixed feelings: it is good to be going home but, still, it is hard to leave the sunshine and warm breezes, the blue wanter and the pina coladas. 

We were up early to have a last breakfast at the Playa Alameda and I think we were all of mixed moods as we ate sitting in the shade of the palm trees. We had last minute packing to do, check the room for lost or fogotten belongings, and we pulled the door shut behind us.

Our ride was due at 11:00 am so we assembled around 10:30 outside the front door of our hotel to wait.

Elsa, Susan and Rose waiting for the ride to the airport.

Susan took this picture of the three guys waiting.

We had flown into Varadero as it is the only airport served by our airline, Westjet, in Cuba. It is not a large airport but adequate for the traffic it receives. The staff are efficient and we were checked through for our flight very quickly.

Good Cuban Rum. And in Cuba it is cheap, cheap, cheap!

Susan waiting for the flight and guarding the Rum.

It was a melancholy day for me and I had a long flight to Toronto and then Vancouver ahead of me so I didn’t take many pictures. “Art” is very much a mood thing.

It was a good vacation. One of our shorter ones but full of good times with old and new friends. This time around I really warmed up to Cuba. The people were great, as always, but I really enjoyed Havana this time and want to spend more time there really exploring it. And I want to get out into the countryside and see the people and the land. So little time and so much to see!

I hope you have enjoyed my little travel diary. This is my first foray into a website diary and it seems to show well. Maybe, next trip, I will do another.

This travelogue has too many pictures to be put on a single page. So I have broken it into several pages which you can navigate with this Menu.