The next day, after Belize City, we stopped on the island of Roatan. This island is part of Honduras and, to be honest, I know very little about it. We were able to tie up dock side and leaving the ship we entered a small tourist enclosure with shops full of trinkets much like we encountered in Belize City.

There was no trouble leaving the tourist enclosure, which we did, but there was nothing much to see. The cruise line offered tours to various island attractions but we chose a more leisurely day leaving the boat early and returning early.

Another beautiful day! When we came on deck in the morning we were presented with a green green coastline that seemed to run off to the horizon.

The Welcome Center and shops on Roatan seen from the ship.

Another view of the shops on the dock where we wandered about.

We didn’t make it to Capt Jack’s but it looks like it might be neat.

Susan is off the boat and ready to tour. That’s the Armonia in the background.

The shops were full of  vacation clothing and there were craft shops like this..

The shops on shore in Roatan.

Tony and Elsa and some of the folks from Tony’s home town in Italy that were on the cruise.

The MSC Armonia tied up in Roatan.

The Tourist Center was pretty.

A cup of coffee was easy to find.

We went back to the ship early. There was not that much to keep us on shore and there was lots to do on board. Here are Susan, Tony, Elsa and our Italian friends going back into the ship.

The sea in the morning was amazing. It was actually that color and at times even a greener color. 

And at night the same view was still magnificent. The Caribbean is a beautiful sea.

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