I have been asked where I find the images I take. People actually think that somehow I go places they don’t and find subjects they never get to photograph. But that is far from the truth. Actually, I don’t go on special photographic expeditions: I just carry my camera with me all the time. And I keep my eyes on.

You have to be aware of your surroundings and sensitive to light, to patterns and to interesting subjects. Two years ago Susan and I were in Rome with another couple who were very amused that I was photographing doorways. Well, I like doors and entrance ways. They are interesting. Over the years I have collected hundreds of images and one of these days I will start to post them here.

But that is an example of seeing something interesting and following it. One morning a few weeks ago we were having a little snow fall in Vancouver and when I looked out the window I had this vision of falling snow and trees delicately covered with white. I got my camera and stepped onto our front balcony and snapped a few images. Then I went off to work.


When I looked at this image later I was very pleased with myself. I saw it and I took the picture. Anyone else could have done exactly the same thing had they been there. And I am sure there were hundreds if not thousands of vantage points out in that snowfall that would have yielded better images. I was lazy, I just stepped onto our balcony. So long as you are aware of what is around you and see the beauty in the light you will find images. They will come to you. They are there in the light all around you.

Now, the picture above is a winter scene and is an accurate representation of what I saw. Now imagine the silence that snow brings and the peace that radiates from the gently falling flakes and you have the full experience. But sometimes I see patterns and not pictures. Be aware of those as well.


Same location, same scene, but I saw the branches in a uniform jumble that appealed to me. I increased the contrast to make the black and white stand out. And for me, it is almost hypnotic to stand and look at this image.\r\n\r\n
It is interesting to note that these images are in full color and I even pushed the Vibrance and Saturation sliders. Nothing! These pictures are almost devoid of color. I have not converted them to black and white. They did that to themselves. Although I was not aware of it at the time, with hindsight, I think that was part of the appeal of what was before me.
So, the lesson is: if you want to take good pictures, carry your camera wherever you go and be aware of the light around you. The images are there for you to see. Here endeth the lesson for today.