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Arezzo in the Evening

My sister-in-law and her husband have an olive grove in the hills above Arezzo. We went up to see the orchard one evening and this view was waiting for us.

One Hundred Images of Italy

To capture Italy in 100 images is not possible!

Last summer, in 2014, we spent a wonderful month in Abruzzo and Tuscany. We were over for a family wedding and to catch up with everyone. I have set myself a task to produce 100 images out of the photos I took on this trip. This is a formidable undertaking because it means 3 striking images per day. Ansel Adams said “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” Either I am very very good, or seriously deluded.


La Salumeria – a small shop in the historic center of Arezzo  (Image 140095)

Antica Bottega Toscana – Arezzo

Lunch in Monteriggioni – Tuscany

Tourist Shop in Monteriggioni – Tuscany

Fior di Pizza – Arezzo

Houses of the Dead

Firenze sul Arno

Il Stazione – Arezzo

La Porta Anticha

Caffe Pasticceria Stefano – Arezzo

Hills of Tuscany

The Hills of Tuscany

Il Cellese – Arezzo

Un Artista di Strada – Arezzo

Door Knocker


Street Lamps in the Rain

Torricella Peligna in Chieti

Sunny Day in Casoli – Chieti

Il Rustico – Abruzzo

Casoli in Chieti – Abruzzo

The Rain in Torricella Peligna

Torricella Peligna in Chieti

Gelateria in Vasto – Abruzzo

The Wine Tasting

Pennadomo in Chieti – Abruzzo

Giardino della Palazzo d’Avalos – Vasto in Chieti

Piove nella Strada

Torricella Peligna in Chieti

Words of Love – Vasto

Roccascalegna – Abruzzo

La Calle

Farm Yard  in Chieti

La Spiaggia a Marina di Vasto

A Street in Old Casoli – in Chieti

The View from Roccascalegna in Chieti

La Damigiana

Il Giardino

The Old Olive Orchard and Wild Flowers

Colledimezzo in Chieti

Edificio Vecchio

Old Stone Doorway – this abandoned house is in the country near Torricella Peligna in Chieti, Abruzzo  (Image 140115)

Geraniums – This wonderful front door is in Torricella Peligna in Chieti (Image 150003)

Sacred Places

When I travel I am not big on museums. It is the people now that interest me. I love the markets. I like to sit in coffee bars and watch the people about me and listen to the murmur of conversation. And I love the Sacred Places: the churches, basilicas and cemeteries. There is history and art enough for a lifetime in these places of remembrance and devotion.

Chiesa della SS Annunzia – Arezzo

Santa Maria del Ponte – Vasto

Crucifix – Santa Maria dei Fiori, Florence

Cloister of Santa Maria Novella – Florence

The Christ in Santa Maria Novella – Firenze


Milestones – Cemetery in Subbiano

La orta della Cattedrale di San Leucio – Atessa in Chieti

I Sposi

Padre Pio in the Rain

Padre Pio nel Piove – Penadomo in Chieti

Resti della Chiesa di San Pietro – Vasto

Campanile del Duomo di San Donato – Arezzo

Basilica di Santa Maria del Ponte – Vasto

Cathedral Wall – Vasto

The Queen of Heaven

S. Joseph ora Pro Nobis

Cemetery in Subbiano

Houses of the Dead

(Image 150008)


Una Porta a Roma

Al Picchio – Roma

L’Arco di Tito

Hop On Hop Off – Roma

Antiquariato di Roma

The Food

When Two or Three are Gathered Together

Coffee in Casoli

Olives in the Rain

Pomodori nel Orto

Pepperoncini in the Sun – in Chieti

Peppers – Torricella Peligna in Chieti


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