Back to the Hotel Alameda

And so we came to our last day in Cuba, one last day in the sun. And that is what we did. Now I am not much of a sun worshiper  but even I spent the day by the pool. And of course I found some time for a few pictures.

The weather was glorious, as it was for our whole trip. And the sun, for all its light and heat, was gentle. I was able to tan without burning which, for me and my white Irish skin, is not easy. I think we were all sorry that this was our last day.

Susan spending time on her Island in the Sun! 

Look at my color and you can see why we are called “White Men”. The Irish just aren’t built for the sun.

Flowers and a coconut from the hotel grounds.

This travelogue has too many pictures to be put on a single page. So I have broken it into several pages which you can navigate with this Menu.

We settled in the chairs by the pool under the shade of the palm trees. The air was warm, very warm, but there was a delightful breeze and, of course, we had the water to keep us cool.

This is the central walkway of the hotel and at the far end is the entrance and reception area.

This is th other end looking back towards the tower from where the picture on the left was taken.

And on the other side of the reception you look out onto the driveway to the highway.

There was music everywhere in Cuba. Good music. We heard it in Havana in the streets and restaurants, we heard it in folk music and dance groups that came on board the ship, and we heard it at the hotel. In the evenings the hotel brought in Cuban groups to entertain the guests outside in the plaza.

On our last night after our evening meal we went out to find space to sit and watch the musicians. This was a great salsa band, professional in every way, and very very good. The music was infectious and Susan and I were up dancing for a few songs.

It was a beautiful evening. The air was warm and you could sit out without a sweater.

I didn’t get the name of this Salsa group and they were not selling CD’s, unfortunately.

They were really good and I would have bought a CD had one been available.

The hotel plaza is a beautiful location for a concert . The palm trees, the warm breezes, the bar on one side with very attentive servers, and wonderful music. This is the stuff of  great memories.

Have you ever photographed the bottom of a swimming pool? I highly recommend it!

And that was our last full day in Cuba. To some extent, it was our best day. Relaxing and enjoyable. We didn’t leave the hotel even to spend time on the beach. It was enough to relax beside the pool, have a few drinks, enjoy our dinner and listen to the music. But tomorrow is our return to the Great White North. Its good to go home but it is sad to leave this weather and the engaging people of Cuba. But there will be other times.