Canon FDn 300mm f/5.6

least expensive in this length but still a good lens

Canon calls this lens the Canon FD 300mm f/5.6. It was first introduced in March of 1971 and was updated over the years, mainly with more advanced lens coatings.

This is a lightweight telephoto lens with good optical performance. Its smaller aperature makes it unsuitable for sports or action photography but it is still useful for wildlife and closeup photography.

Lens Type:            Telephoto Prime

Focal Length:       300mm

Max Aperature:   f/5.6

Min Aperature:   f/32

Diaphram:             eight blades

Lens Mount:         Canon FDn

Construction:       6 elements in 5 groups.

Filter Thread:           58mm filter does not rotate with focus.

Accessories:               Has built in extendible lens hood

Construction:            This is metal construction, all black with some plastic fittings.

Serial No.:          14661

Condition:          Excellent – optics are clear, no marks

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