My Photo Library

Collecting cameras leads to the accumulation of
all kinds of printed material. There are
instruction books, advertisements,
registration forms, boxes, even
original bills of sale. And
thenof course there are
the books about
photography. You don’t
realize it as it is
happening  but soon
you are deluged with this
stuff. And it is good stuff, to be
sure, but what do you do with it?
Well, you create a library.

And that is what this section of The Collection
is all about. Here I am posting manuals and
advertisements that I have come across. I try to
make the scans the best possible but some are a
little sketchy. The photography books are subject to
copyright and I cannot reproduce them. However, in The
Bibliography I list the volumes I have in my library and
comment on them. For the instruction manuals, brochures and advertisements I have no copyright but the owners, Canon, Kodak and so on, I assume, will not object to my reproductions here. I am advancing awareness of their products. But remember, I have no rights in this material and cannot pass any rights along to you. It is offered for your own use and information. After that, you are on your own.

This is a growing collection and far from complete. In fact, it will never be complete. There will always be more. As I post new material I try to keep the Index up to date and if you are searching for something in particular you should start there. To navigate this library use the Menu on the right hand side of the page.

In the event you take material from here and use it on your own web site I would appreciate a link back to this site. Or, even better, just link to it and not actually download it to your own website.

Finally, if you have some material, a manual or an ad, scan it and send it to me and I will include it here with credit to you. Or send me the material and I will scan it and return it. Again, you will be credited with it and I am happy to link back to you.

I am the creator of and The contents of this website are subject to my claim of copyright. However, to be clear, I have no right to the trademarks or printed material, brochures or manuals that originate with Canon Inc. or other manufacturers and make no claim to have such rights. I am unable to pass on any rights to these materials and trade marks and if you make use of them you do so at your own risk.

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