Instruction Manuals for the

PowerShot “S” Series

The S series of Point and Shoot cameras from Canon were introduced from October of 2099 with the S10 and the last one, the S200, in September of 2013. There were a total of 19 in all.

No. Model Intro Date MPX
1 PowerShot S10 Oct 1999 2.1
2 PowerShot S20 Mar 2000 3.3
3 PowerShot S40 Oct 2001 4
4 PowerShot S30 Dec 2001 3.2
5 PowerShot S45 Oct 2002 4
6 PowerShot S50 Mar 2003 5
7 PowerShot S1 IS Mar 2004 3.2
8 PowerShot S60 Jun 04 5
9 PowerShot S70 Sep 2004 7.1
10 PowerShot S2 IS Jun 2005 5
11 PowerShot S80 Oct 2005 8
12 PowerShot S3 IS Feb 2006 6
13 PowerShot S5 IS Jun 2007 8
14 PowerShot S90 Oct 2009 10
15 PowerShot S95 Aug 2010 10
16 PowerShot S100 Dec 2011 12.1
17 PowerShot S110 Oct 12 12.1
18 PowerShot S120 Sep 2013 12.1
19 PowerShot S200 Sep 2013 10.1


Mar 2004

Powershot S1 IS User Manual

Publication CDI-E104-010 (2004)

Mar 2004

Powershot S1 IS User Manual

Publication CDI-E106-010 (2004)

Mar 2004

Powershot S1 IS User Manual

Publication CDI-E105-010 (2004)

Powershot S2 IS User Manual

PowerShot S2 IS Quick Start Guide
Publication CDI-E178-010 (2005)

Powershot S5 IS User Manual

PowerShot S5 IS User Guide
Publication CDI-E274-010 (2007)

PowerShot S60 S70 User Manual
Powershot S60 User Guide
Powershot S2 IS User Manual

PowerShot S2 IS User Manual
Publication CDI-E176-010 (2005)

Powershot S2 IS User Manual

PowerShot S2 IS System Guide
Publication CDI-E177-010 (2005)

Powershot S30/S40 User Manual

PowerShot S30-S40 User Manual
Publication CDI-E026-010 (2001)

PowerShot S60 System Map
PowerShot S3 User Manual
PowerShot S10 S20 User Manual
Powershot S45 User Manual

PowerShot S45 User Manual
Publication CDI-E064-010


PowerShot S50 User Manual

Publication CDI-E090-010  (2003)

PowerShot S80 Advanced User Manual

PowerShot S80 Advanced User Guide
Publication CDI-E188-010 (2005)

PowerShot S90 User Manual

PowerShot S90 User Guide
Publication CDI-E409-040 (2009)


PowerShot A3000 Manual

Publication CDP-E091-010 (2010)

PowerShot S80 Basic User Manual

PowerShot S80 Basic User Guide
Publication CDI-E186-010 (2005)

PowerShot S95 User Manual

PowerShot S95 User Manual
Publication CDP-E101-010 (2010)


PowerShot A2600 Manual

Publication CEL-ST9EA210 (2013)


PowerShot S200 User Guide

Publication CDD-E554-020  (2013)

PowerShot S80 System Map

PowerShot S80 System Map
Publication CDI-E187-010 (2005)

PowerShot S100 User Manual

PowerShot S100 User Guide
Publication CDD-E452
-020  (2011)

PowerShot S110 User Manual

PowerShot S110 User Guide
Publication CDD-E491-040  (2012)


PowerShot S120 User Manual

Publication CDD-E553-020  (2013)

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