Instruction Manuals for the

PowerShot G Series

It really makes no sense to put the G Series cameras into the Point and Shoot section because they were always intended to have features that fall between DSLR’s and Point and Shoot Cameras appealing to more advanced users. However, I have to put them somewhere so here they are.

Here is a summary list of the whole Series.

Camera Introduction MPX
PowerShot G1 Oct 2000 3.34
Powershot G2 Sep 2001 4
PowerShot G3 Nov 2002 4
there is no PowerShot G4
PowerShot G5 Jun 2003 5
PowerShot G6 Sep 2004 7.1
PowerShot G7 Oct 2006 10
there is no PowerShot G8
PowerShot G9 Sep 2007 12.1
PowerShot G10 Oct 2008 14.7
PowerShot G11 Oct 2009 10
PowerShot G12 Oct 2010 10
PowerShot G1 X Mar 2012 14.3
PowerShot G15 Oct 2012 12.1
PowerShot G16 Sep 2013 12.1
PowerShot G1 X Mk II Mar 2014 12.8
PowerShot G7 X Oct 2014 20.2
PowerShot G3 X Jun 2015 20.2
PowerShot G5 X Oct 2015 20.2
PowerShot G9 X Oct 2015 20.2
PowerShot G7 X MkII Apr 2016 20.1
PowerShot G9 X MkII Feb 2017 20.1


Oct 2000

Instruction Manual for Canon G1

Publication H-IE-040-V1 (2000)

Sep 2001

Instruction Manual for Canon G2

Publication CDI-E056-010 (2002)

Nov 2002

Instruction Manual for Canon G3

Publication CDI-E067-010  (2002)

Jun 2003

Instruction Manual for Canon G5

Publication CDI-E075-010 (2003)

Sep 2004

Instruction Manual for Canon G6

Publication CDI-E147-010 (2004)

Oct 2006

Instruction Manual for Canon G7

Publication CDI-E299-010 (2006)

Sep 2007

Instruction Manual for Canon G9

Publication CDI-E328-010  (2007)

Oct 2008

Instruction Manual for Canon G10

Publication CDI-E407-020 (2008)

Oct 2009

Instruction Manual for Canon G11

Publication CDI-E410-030 (2009)

Oct 2010

Instruction Manual for Canon G12

Publication CDP-E100-010  (2010)

Mar 2012

PowerShot G1X User Guide

Publication CDD-E451-020  (2012)

Oct 2012

Instruction Manual for Canon G15

Publication CDD-E490-030  (2012)

Sep 2013

Canon PowerShot G16 Manual

Publication CDD-E552-020 (2013)

Mar 2014

PowerShot G1X Mk II User Guide

Publication CDD-E564-020  (2014)

Oct 2014

PowerShot G7X User Guide

Publication CDD-E596-010  (2014)

Jun 2015

PowerShot G3X User Guide

Publication CDD-E635-020 (2015)

Oct 2015

PowerShot G5X User Guide

Publication CTO-D007-000-F101-A  (2015)

Oct 2015

PowerShot G9X User Guide

Publication CTO-D002-000-F101-A  (2015)

Apr 2016

PowerShot G7X Mk II User Guide

Publication CTO-D077-000-F101-B (2016)

Feb 2017

PowerShot G9X Mk II User Guide

Publication CTO-D104-A  (2017)


PowerShot G1X Mk III User Guide

Publication CTO-D123-A  (2017)


PowerShot G7X Mk III User Guide

Publication CTO-D226-B (2019)

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