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Rangefinder Instructions

I love the old rangefinder cameras. Partly, I suppose, I like them because that is where I started out. For years I shot film with a Leica M-3. When I hold my Canon II D2 or my Model P I am transported back to those times.

And then there is the feel of them. They are heavy and compact and obviously finely made. They are works of art, each one a jewel of precision and craftsmanship.

Modern cameras just don’t feel like this. Plastic may be tougher and lighter and cheaper to form. However it is anything but romantic. Plastic speaks of today, of digital cameras, of photography as a mass consumer oriented activity. The older cameras are refined. They speak of class and photography as an elite activity pursued by people of discernment.

Take out an old rangefinder Canon (or Nikon, or Leica, any of them) and shoot some film. You will see what I mean.

Canon Model SII User Manual

Canon Model SII User Manual
No Publication Number

Canon Model II-B User Manual

Canon Model IIb User Manual
No Publication Number

Canon User Manuals for L1, L2 and L3

Instruction Manual for the L1-L2-L3
Pub. No. 396

Canon Model SII Registration Card
No Publication Number

Instruction Manual for Canon IID and IV S2

Canon Model IId – IV S2
Publication 230(JMC-4)

Canon Model Vt de Lux User Manual

Publication 355 9T-3-57

Canon Model IV User Manual

Publication 122

Bell & Howell Model 7 User Manual

The Bell & Howell / Canon Model 7

Canon 7s User Manual

Publication 52178

Canon Model V User Manual

Canon V Manual

Canon Model IIIA and IV-F User Manual

Canon III-A and IV-F Manual
Publication 189

Canon Model IIIA and IV-F User Manual

Canon VI-T – VI-T Manual
Publication Illegible

Canon Model III Instruction Manual

Canon Model III User Manual
Publication 125   5T-6T

Canon Model VI-T Instruction Manual

Publication 419   ST-7-58

Canon Model 7 User Manual

Publication 419   ST-7-58

Canon Model VL and VL2 User Manual

Publication 365A   6T-3-58

Canon 35mm Camera User Manual

Directions for Using Canon 35mm Cameras

Canon P Manual

Publication C-9504

Manual for Canon P

Publication C-9503

Canon Model IIB, IIIA and IVS User Manual

Publication 197 (JMC-4) 3T K-9-52

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