One of the Canonets featured along with Mischa Barton on the cover of Genlux magazine, Issue #10, Spring 2009. That looks like one happy camera!

Canonet Instructions

The Canonet was a camera brought out by Canon in early 1961 aimed at the consumer market. It was less expensive and less complicated to operate and appealed to a very wide audience. All of that said, it was a well made camera with an excellent lens and was capable of very fine pictures.

The original Canonet was followed by a series of cameras using the same general layout and concept aimed at the same market but with ever more powerful automatic features. I have referred to these cameras as the “Canonets” although they are all distinguishable models.

I like them. They are solid and well made and they feel good to hold. So I have included them in The Collection.  I look forward to trying them out with a roll of film!

Canonet G-III 17/19 Instruction Manual

Publication T-IE1003B

Canonet Instruction Manual

Publication 5072B

Canonet Junior Instructions

Publication No. 5129J

Canon Canonet User Manual

Canon A35 F User Manual

Canon Canonet User Manual

Publication  T5107

Canon Canonet QL17/19 Manual

Publication  5350R

Canonet G-III 17/19 Instruction Manual

Canonex GIII 17 Brochure
Publication C-CE-078X

Canonet G-III 17/19 Instruction Manual

Publication IE01-046B

Instruction Manual for Canon Canonet 28

Publication  TIE1013N

Instruction Manual for Canon Canonet 28

Canonet v.2 Instruction Manual
Publication  A5213j

Canonet G-III 17/19 Instruction Manual

Publication 5163

Canon Canonet Service Manual
Canonet QL17 G-III Manual

User Manual for Canonet QL17 G-III
Publication TIE 1003W

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