EE Cameras and EX Lenses

The Failed Experiment

EX Lenses

Canon EX EE with four available EX Lenses

Canon made a two camera four lens series built around a lens system called the EX Series. The cameras were SLR’s made 1969 until the early 1970s. Their most characteristic feature was a rear lens-group (three elements in two groups) fixed on the camera and incorporating the helical focusing mechanism, to which any of four front groups could be attached by a simple screw fitting.

This sytem never became popular and was quickly replaced by the FD and FDn series of lenses.

The available lens front-groups were:


Standard lens: EX50mm f/1.8
Wide angle: EX35mm f/3.5
Portrait: EX95mm f/3.5
Telephoto: EX125mm f/3.5

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