Canon EOS Elan 7

Also known as the EOS 30 / 33 or EOS 30

The Elan 7, as it was called in North America, is also known as the EOS 33 in the rest of the world. The Elan 7 and the EOS 33 are identical in all respects. There were the original Elan (EOS 100) and Elan II (EOS 50) cameras but there were no Elan 3’s through 6.

Canaon released an Elan 7E which was the same camera but with an added eye control feature. It was sold elsewhere as the EOS 30.  In Japan only the 7E was released and was known as the EOS 7.

This camera was released in the fall of 2000 and was available until the spring of 2004. In the United States the suggested retail price for the Elan 7 was $720.00, the Elan 7E was $800.00 and the Elan 7E QD was $840.00. Suggested retail for the Battery Grip was $100.00.


Condition is excellent with no visible scratches or dents.


This camera body was acquired on the 19th of November 2015 together with a Manual for $50.00.

Lens Mount

Canon EF


Camera takes one 2CR5 Lithium Battery into compartment accessed on the bottom plate. Battery Grip BP-300 which can contain 4 AA cells or two Lithium CR123A cells.

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