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Books on Canon Collecting and Photography

Collecting cameras leads to all kinds of printed material: Instruction Books, Advertisments, Registration Forms, Boxes, even original Bills of Sale. So what do you do with this stuff? Well, my Canon Library is the answer. These are good sources of information and instruction and they are part of the back story to any collection. So, like the cameras, when I come across this stuff, and it does not offend copyright (with the possible exception of Canon’s – but look at the free advertising they get!) or trade on the work of another, I will scan and post these things right here in the Library. Again, I caution you to be patient. I am creating this site live on the internet so you can watch every step and view incomplete pages. It is easier for me and keeps you the more up to date.

I have a few dozen booklets in my possession which do not appear here. I will slowly be posting these here as time permits. I want to do really good scans which takes a lot of time (which I don’t have!). I am looking for more to include. If you are browsing here and you have some Canon material you don’t know what to do with, drop me line. I may be interested in it and if you send it to me I will share it with everyone in the Canon community.


I have acquired the following reference books on Canon Cameras, and cameras generally. Of course I do not have rights to the material in these works and cannot reproduce them here for you. However, if you are interested, I highly recommend them to you.

Canon Manual Focus SLRs – A Collectors Guide   Peter Dechert     (1985)

This book is a godsend! I know very little about the Canon rangefinder cameras and start into collecting them will be expensive. This is a marvellous guide to the  whole subject with ample photographs, lots of history, and an explanation of the variations of each type. Peter has been a collector for a long time, has known and talked with people most of us will never have access to, and he tells us what he has learned. Completely invaluable. This is a book that I pick up constantly as I try to learn about these cameras. Buy it!

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Canon Rangefinder Cameras 1933-1968   Eric Scopec    (Hove Collectors Books – 2001)

Eric’s book is full of information. He describes cameras but I think the real value here is that he describes series, relationships, he makes lists, he makes the families clear. The style is different than Peter’s book (above) but this little volume is equally useful and very entertaining to read.

Canon M39 Rangefinder Lenses 1939-1971   Peter Kitchingman    (2008)

I like books. I am a reader from away back. There is something about the feel of a well made book; there is a sensuousness about it. Not everyone feels this way I know. My wife wants all those books “out of the house!”. But for me, they are magic. And this book by Kitchingman is one of supreme magic. The depth and breadth of detail, the illustrations, the physical presentation, this book is stunning. Expensive but all good things tend to be. If you are interested in early Canon lenses, this is the bible.

Ansel Adams – An Autobiography   with Mary Street Alinder   1985

If you love his photography, you will love this book. It is written in a folksy kind of way that draws you in to his story. There is nothing truly exciting about hard work, attention to detail, and a desire to take pictures, but still, the story is engaging. For anyone interested in the man’s art, this is the story behind the art.

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