Canonet QL 17

The Canonet Evolves

Canonet QL17
Canonet QL17
Canonet QL17
Canonet QL17
Canonet QL17
Canonet QL17
Canonet QL17
Canonet QL17
Canonet QL17


Date: March 1965
Type: 35mm SLR
Lens Mount: Fixed Lens
Focus: Manual
Exposure: Shutter priority internal CdS metering
Flash: X and M sync on PC plug
Shutter: Copal SV leaf shutter
B to to 1/500th
ASA: 25 to 800
Frame Rate: Manual lever winding
Battery: 1.35v PX625 mercury cell


Notes:  In March 1965 Canon brought out this evolved model of the Canonet. QL 17 actually stood for “a quick loading camera with a 1.7 lens”. There were also QL 19 and QL 25 models. You guessed it: f/1.9 and f/2.5 lens respectively. Looking very much like its fellow Canonets it was in fact a very different camera on the inside. The light meter was changed from a selenium cell meter to more a sensitive CdS meter. It also introduced the Quick Loading system of loading the film.

Automatic operation was Shutter Priority (the camera chose the aperture for a selected shutter speed) but the camera could be operated in manual mode as well. With an f/1.7 lens and shutter speeds up to a 500th of a second it was a very competent little camera.

The equipment shoe is not active. Flash sync, M and X, is available through a PC Terminal on the front of the camera beside the lens barrel.

There are actually two versions of this first QL17 although they are not named differently. The early cameras did not say “QL” on the front. They had “Quick Loading” engraved on the front of the top plate under the Canon logo. During production this was dropped and a badge was added to the front of the body that said “QL”

This camera uses the 1.35 volt mercury cell to power the CdS light meter.

In the Collection I have the following example:

Collection No.:    C-78

Serial No.:           527554

Condition:           Very Good +

Accessories:      Black Leather Case in excellent condition

Acquisition:        Kent Commons camera show 2016 for $20.00 USD

This camera is not in great shape. It is not working and the lens ring has had a bad bang which has bent it slightly. Lens glass is excellent and viewfinder is clear and working. One day when a minty one comes along I will replace it.

Canonet QL17 Instruction Manual

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