Canon Model IIB

This is my Canon IIB (Ser. No.: 37439) with a Serinar S 50mm 1:1.9 which is the “Kit” lens for the IIB

The Rangefinders

With thanks to Peter Dechert and the Canon Museum

Canon began with rangefinder cameras in the early 1940’s and updated and improved them until the early 1960’s. At first they were into Leica copies but very quickly they began modifying and improving their cameras and eventually became a market leader in range finder cameras.

When you pick up a Canon rangefinder

the first impression you get is the solid feeling of the body and a sense of precision in the build. They are a delight to hold.

The Canon Museum is very helpful in listing the following models and their dates of introduction:


Model Designation Date of Introduction  Model Designation Date of Introduction
Model J II January 1946 Model IV Sb2 March 1954
Model S January 1946 Model II S2  April 1955
Model S II October 1946 Model II D2  April 1955
Model II B  April 1949 Model II F2 April 1955
Model II C  July 1950 Model VT August 1956
Model III  February 1951 Model L2 March 1957
Model IV  April 1951 Model VT Deluxe May 1957
Model III A  April 1951 Model L1 May 1957
Model IV S  January 1952 Model L3 November 1957
Model II A  March 1952 Model VL March 1958
Model II D  October 1952 Model VL 2 March 1958
Model II D’  October 1952 Model VI T September 1958
Model IV Sb  December 1952 Model VI L September 1958
Model II AF  June 1953 Model P (Populaire) March 1959
Model II AX  June 1953 Model 7 September 1961
Model II F  June 1953 Model 7 S  April 1965
Model II S  February 1954

Cameras in my Collection

Rangefinder Model III

Canon Seiki Kogaku Model S-II Camera

Rangefinder Model S-II

Canon Model IIB

Rangefinder Model II B

Rangefinder Model II D2

Canon Model 7

Canon Model 7

Rangefinder Model IVS

Canon Model L1

Collection No. C-119
Rangefinder Model L1

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