Canon Model II D2

The unsynchronized II S2

Canon Model II D2
Canon Model II D2
Canon Model II D2
Canon Model II D2
Canon Model II D2
Canon Model II D2
Canon Model II D2


Date: March 1955 thru July 1956
Type: 35mm rangefinder
Lens Mount: R
Focus: Manual
Exposure: none
Flash: no synchronisation
Shutter: Horizontal rubberised cloth focal plane
Speeds from 1 sec. to 1/500th



The market drives production and Canon found a demand for a less expensive camera. To answer this demand they came out with the IID in 1952.

To simplify production and thus reduce the cost the camera appeared without an ASA film speed reminder on the rewind knob and no internal flash synchronisation.

Because build quality was not sacrificed and the camera still used the very excellent Serenar lenses, it was very popular. Almost 22,000 were manufactured.

In 1952 a film speed reminder was added to the winder knob. This was the Model II D1. And finally in 1955 this model was improved on with the Model II D2.

Improvements were made to the view finder optics and the shutter. The slow speed dial went from B to a 30th of a second and it was provided with a lock which the original IID and II D1 did not have. It kept the ASA reninder on the rewind knob.

In the Collection I have the following example:

Collection No.:    C-98

Serial No.:           221451

Condition:           Excellent

Acquisition:        Craig’s List – bought from Hera who was selling her father’s collection.

This is an excellent copy of this camera and it appears to be fully functional. It came to me without a lens and it is shown here with a Serinar 35mm f/3.2 I had from another source. It is a joy to hold and I look forward to trying it out.


Canon Model II D2

Publication 230(JMC-4)

In spite of what the manual above right shows in the pictures and words, the IID did not have an ASA reminder scale on the top of the rewind knob. Otherwise this manual, although for the IID, applies to the II D2 as well with one or two minor exceptions.

My Model II D2, in the center, with two of its siblings. The II D2 has the viewfinder for the 35mm lens in the equipment shoe. I am not finding many of these early rangefinder cameras around but I have been able to pick up a few. I am seeing more of them than I can afford, that is for sure!

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