My Canon Camera Chart

A Visual Listing of My Cameras

I though it would be fun to create a chart showing the whole collection one picture at a time. You see this kind of chart put out by the camera companies as a promotion and they are always fun to look at. So why can’t we do it for The Collection.

This is not very instructive about Canon. It is just a bit of fun to see what they look like in one place. I can’t do this in real life because I don’t have the room to spread everything out like this!

This is not a complete list of Canon cameras. It is simply a listing of what I have collected to this point. And this list is probably not up to date. It is a constant struggle to update this site and I do fall behind: badly behind sometimes.

The Rangefinders

Canon Model S-II

Canon Seiki-Kogaku S-II
C-351  –  Serial #15721

Canon Model III

Canon Model III
C-149  –  Serial #54852

Canon Model 7

Canon Model VT
C-150 –  Serial #542327

Canon Model IV-S

Canon Model IV-S
C-115  –  Serial #66640

Canon Model 7

Canon Model 7
C-41 –  Serial #856884

Canon Model II D2

Canon Model II-D2
C-98  –  Serial #221451

The “Flex” Series (1959-1962)

Canon Canonflex

Canon Canonflex
C-328  –  Serial #11789

Canonflex RM

Canonflex RM
C-37  –  Serial #178254

Canon RP

Canonflex RP
C-327  –  Serial #103975

Canonflex RM (Bell&Howell)
C-152  –  Serial #106210

Canonflex R2000
C-117  –  Serial #55992

The “F” Series (1964-1981)

Canon FX
C-69  –  Serial #159929

Canon Pellix QL
C-68 –  Serial #170238

Canon EF
C-83  –  Serial #283307

Canon FTb
C-108  –  Serial #361731

Canon FP
C-166  –  Serial #139148

Canon FT
C-126  –  Serial #696516

Canon TX
C-52 –  Serial #244482

Canon FTb-n (Chrome)
C-188  –  Serial #784191

Bell & Howell Canon FP
C-167  –  Serial #113886

Canon FT (Black)
C-153  –  Serial #562374

Canon F1n
C-81 –  Serial #527351

Canon FTb-n
C-175  –  Serial #925080

Canon Pellix
C-113 –  Serial #119051

Canon TLb
C-72  –  Serial #169453

Canon TL
C-38  –  Serial #125390

The “A” Series (1976-1982)

Canon AV-1
C-27 –  Serial #309278

Canon AT-1 (Chrome)
C-100 –  Serial #368437

Canon AV-1 (Black)
C-144 –  Serial #891502

Canon A-1 (with Power Winder)
C-14 –  Serial #990753

Canon AL-1 (Chrome)
C-76 –  Serial #1099204

Canon A-1 (with Battery Pack)
C-17 –  Serial #295966

Canon AL-1 (Black)
C-118 –  Serial #3032831

The “T” Series

Canon T50
C-50  –  Serial #1047317

Canon T60
C-47  –  Serial #23060448

Canon T70
C-129  –  Serial #1456391

Canon T80
C-107  –  Serial #122436

Canon T90 Camera

Canon T90
C-16  –  Serial #1136366

The Canonet Series

Canonet 19 (Bell & Howell)
C-172  –  Serial #604336

A35 Datelux

A35 F

Canon Canonex Camera

Canon Canonex
C-339  –  October 1963

The Sure Shot Series

Canon New Sure Ace

Canon Prima Shot
C-285  –  Serial #2648376

Canon Photura

Canon Photura
C-243  –  Serial #2402330

Canon New Sure Shot

Canon New Sure Shot
C-162  –  Serial #5111352

Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom

C-230  Sure Shot 60 Zoom
Introduced March 1995

Sure Shot Owl / Prima AF-7

Canon Sure Shot Owl/Prima AF-7
C-155  –  Serial #6732220

Canon Sure Shot Z155

Canon Sure Shot Z155
C-277  –  Serial #70006881

Sure Shot Owl / Prima AF-8

Canon Sure Shot Owl / Prima AF-8
C-241  –  Serial #3208549

Canon Sure Shot 130U II Date

Canon Sure Shot 130U II Date
C-324  –  Serial #04005159

The PowerShot Series “A” 

Canon PowerShot A520 Camera

PowerShot A520
C-354  –  Serial #852103701

The EOS Series (for Film)

Canon EOS 650

EOS 650
C-127  –  Serial #1877753
Introduced March 1987

Canon EOS 650

Canon FE
C-282  –  Serial #2535556
Date of Introduction Unknown

Canon Rebel XS

EOS 750
C-122  –  Serial #1073200
Introduced October 1988

Canon EOS 850

EOS 850
C-121  –  Serial #1094435
Introduced October 1988

Canon Rebel S

Rebel S
C-207  –  Serial #3143405
Introduced October 1990

Canon EOS 1000

EOS 1000
C-204  –  Serial #1233842
Introduced October 1990

Canon EOS 1000 FN

EOS 1000 FN QD
C-209  –  Serial #5715107
Introduced  March 1992

Canon Rebel XS

EOS Rebel
C-94  –  Serial #1327528
Introduced October 1990

Canon Rebel S QD

Rebel S QD
C-207  –  Serial #3430891
Introduced October 1990

Canon Rebel II

EOS Rebel II
C-208  –  Serial #4512425
Introduced March 1992

Canon Rebel S II

EOS Rebel S II
C-36  –  Serial #3709953
Introduced  March 1992

Canon EOS 1000 FN

EOS 1000 FN
C-6  –  Serial #6313258
Introduced  March 1992

Canon Rebel G II

EOS Rebel G II
C-110  –  Serial #76009748
Introduced  February 2002

Canon Rebel XSn

EOS Rebel XSn Date
C-75  –  Serial #68012448
Introduced February 2002

Canon Rebel G

EOS Rebel G
C-114  –  Serial #3304892
Introduced  September 1996

Canon Rebel XS

EOS Rebel XS
C-24  –  Serial #4400159
Introduced September 1993

Canon EOS 1V

C-28  –  Serial #138059

Canon EF-M

C-198  –  Serial #1657052
Not really an EOS Camera, it does use EOS Lenses although it lacks the ability to auto focus.

The EOS Digital Cameras

Canon D30

C-80   Ser#172800749

Canon D60

C-161 –  Serial #1020500576

Canon D60

C-39 –  Serial #1820500676

The PowerShot G Series

First Introduced in October 2000 and still with us

CANON PowerShot G2
C-188  –  Serial #193102844
Introduced September 2001

CANON PowerShot G6
C-193  –  Serial #9051100667
Introduced September 2004

CANON PowerShot G12
C-164  –  Serial # illegible
Introduced October 2010

CANON PowerShot G2 (Black)
C-189  –  Serial No. 4824600042
Introduced March 2002

CANON PowerShot G7
C-158  –  Serial #4151201310
Introduced October 2006

CANON PowerShot G3
C-191  –  Serial No. 6111402916
Introduced November 2002

CANON PowerShot G10
C-165  –  Serial # illegible
Introduced October 2008

CANON PowerShot G5
C-192 –  Serial No. 6751000998
Introduced June 2003

CANON PowerShot G11
C-156  –  Serial # 9055004108
Introduced October 2009

The PowerShot Digital Elph Series

First Introduced in May 2000

Canon PowerShot SD890 IS Digital Elph

PowerShot SD880 IS Digital Elph
Introduced September 2008

Canon PowerShot 880 IS Digital Elph

PowerShot SD990 IS Digital Elph
Introduced April 2008

Canon Logo I am not in any way connected to or supported by Canon and I have no rights to any of their trade marks. I chose their camera line and have stayed with it although I cannot recall why. But a Nikon camera is fine technology and takes a wonderful picture. So too with Sony and the others. But I have been happy with Canon and so I have begun my collection here. Eventually I may add other brands to my range of interest but that is for another day.