Point and Shoot

When I began collecting Canon’s a few years ago I was interested in SLR’s and rangefinders.  I was feeling that the “point and shoots” were not of interest to me. I had always used more advanced cameras and, any way, there were so many of them and their naming and features were real unknowns.

However, as I prowled swap meets and second hand stores I kept coming across “Point and Shoots” in excellent condition for a few dollars each. So I began acquiring them but I did no serious study of them. I just put them away for that day when I ran out of things to say about more serious cameras. As if that day will ever come!

But I have begun to put this page together. It is not finished so don’t get too involved in it. But I have always worked on my web site out in the open so you can watch it grow. Besides, if I waited to finish things before posting them I would get nothing out for you to follow. So, forgive the unfinished nature of this page.

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Canon Logo I am not in any way connected to or supported by Canon. I chose their camera line and have stayed with it. I cannot recall why. But a Nikon camera is fine technology and takes a wonderful picture. So too with Sony and the others. But I have been happy with Canon and so I have begun my collection here. One day I may add other brands to my range interest. But that is for another day.