The “Point And Shoot” Cameras

When I began collecting Canon’s a few years ago I was interested in SLR’s and Rangefinders.  I was feeling that the “Point and Shoots” were not of interest to me. I had always used more advanced cameras and, any way, there were so many of them and their naming and features were real unknowns.

However, as I prowled swap meets and second hand stores I kept coming across “Point and Shoots” in excellent condition for a few dollars each. So I began acquiring them but I did no serious study of them. I just put them away for that day when I ran out of things to say about more serious cameras. As if that day will ever come!

But I have begun to put this page together. It is not finished so don’t get too involved in it. But I have always worked on my web site out in the open so you can watch it grow. Besides, if I waited to finish things before posting them I would get nothing out for you to follow. So, forgive the unfinished nature of this page.

The Various Series of Cameras

There are several clearly defined series of Point and Shoot cameras and there are many micellaneous cameras that fit the definition of “Point and Shoot” but don’t fall into any particualr series. There are literally hundreds of these cameras and so it helps our understanding to group them, say, like this:


The Canonets Canonet (1961) thru Canonet G-III 19 (1972) 13
The Demi’s Demi (1963) thru Demi EE28 (1967) 7
Sure Shot Sure Shot (1979) thru Sure Shot 90u II Date (2005) 57
Elph – Film Elph (1996) thru Elph Z3 (2002) 16
Snappy Snappy 50 (1982) thru Snappy LX II/Date (1998) 16
Misc. Film Dial 35 (1963) thru MC10 (1985) 20
PowerShot Elph Digital PowerShot S100 Digital Elph (2000) thru PowerShot Elph 185 (2017) 74
PowerShot A  PowerShot A5 (1998) thru PowerShot A3500 IS (2013) 63
PowerShot D  PowerShot D10 (2009) thru PowerShot D30 (2014) 3
PowersShot G  PowerShot G1 (2000) thru PowerShot G1X Mk III (2017) 22
PowerShot N  PowerShot N (2013) thru PowerShot N2 (2015) 3
PowerShot Pro  PowerShot Pro70 (1998) thru PowerShot Pro1 (2004) 3
PowerShot S  PowerShot S10 (1999) thru PowerShot S200 (2013) 19
PowerShot SX  PowerShot SX100 IS (2007) thru  PowerShot SX740 HS (2018) 35
Misc. Digital CE300 (1995) thru PowerShot E1 (2008) 8

As you can see, this is a lot to digest: 359 separate models listed in the Canon Museum. And this does not count name variations or different colors. We may be many years before we can unravel it all. And then, who will care? But still, as I hold these little cameras in my hand, I like them. They are marvels of photography and worthy of consideration. However, it may take a decade or two!

A few Miscellaneous Point and Shoots

As nice as it is to divide so many cameras into various Series so that we can better understand them, there are always some that don’t really fall into one or other grouping. Even the Canon Museum acknowledges this. I have these cameras below that are not easily classified:

Canon PowerShot TX1

Canon PowerShot TX1
Intro. Mar 2007

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