The Digital Elph
series, a sub-series of the PowerShot cameras, was very
successful as were their predecessors and widely distributed. The SD850  was sold by Costco but was available in most “big box” stores that sold cameras as well as dedicated camera stores.

The Digital Elphs

 The SD Series

The Elph APS or film camera series
were very popular because of
their size and features. However,
the digital era overtook them
and the last model, the Elph Z3,
was introduced in March of 2002.

The first Digital Elph was introduced in May of 2000 predating the demise of the APS Elph by a full 2 years. Between 2000 and 2017 Canon produced 74 models of the PowerShot Digital Elphs which attests to their popularity. I suspect that they 

eventually fell prey to the cell phone camera which has rocked the mass consumer camera market to its core and almost eliminated it.

Canon continued the Digital Elph in the mould of its predecessor keeping it small and compact. When the original Digital Elph came out it was based on the Elph APS cameras and was the smallest 2mp digital camera then available.

To keep the size to a minimum Canon used a small proprietary Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. The first seven models used a CF Card Type I but the eighth model, the SD100 Digital Elph switched to SD cards which allowed the cameras to maintain the small size.

With so many models how do we keep them straight. Well there are few things to note that will help. First let’s look at the APS cameras. They are simply called Elph followed by an identifier. They are not a Sure Shot and certainly not a PowerShot as those are all digital.

The digital Elphs, on the other hand, are part of the PowerShot series and will have that as part of their name. Up to 2010 the word “Digital” was also part of their name. After 2010 the use of “Digital” and “IS” were dropped from the Elph names.

Digital Elph cameras using CF Type I cards all used a designation in the name in the format SXXX such as PowerShot S200 or PowerShot S330. When SD cards were adopted in 2003 the designation was changed to SDXXX until 2011 when this format was dropped. After that “HS” (for High Sensitivity) was added to the name along with an occasional “IS”.

What follows is a listing, sorry it’s so long, of the Digital Elph cameras and their various names. I have dozens of them but it may take a while to get them all indicated in blue and to post write ups on them. To be honest, I have no desire to do reviews of them or even repeat the information on the Canon Museum website.  However, eventually I will do a short page on each with their basic information.

Note Abreviation: “PS” stands for “PowerShotl” and “DE” for “Digital Elph”

Date of Introduction North American Name European Name Japanese Name MPx Card Battery
May 2000 PS S100 DE Digital Ixus IXY Digital 2.11 CF Type I NB-1L
Apr 2001 PS S300 DE Digital Ixus 300 IXY Digital 300 2.11 CF Type I NB-1L
May 2001 PS S110 DE Digital Ixus V Ixy Digital200 2.11 CF Type I NB-1L
Apr 2002 PS S330 DE Digital Ixus 330 Ixy Digital 300a 2.0 CF Type I NB-1L/1LH
Apr 2002 PS S200 DE Digital Ixus V2 Ixy Digital 200a 2.0 CF Type I NB-1L/1LH
Oct 2002 PS S230 DE Digital Ixus V3 Ixy Digital 320 3.2 CF Type I NB-1L/1LH
Mar 2003 PS S400 DE Digital Ixus 400 Ixy Digital 4.0 4.0 CF Type I NB-1L/1LH
May 2003 PS SD100 DE Digital Ixus II Ixt Digital 30 3.2 SD NB-3L
Oct 2003 PS SD10 DE Digital Ixus i Ixy Digital L 4.0 SD NB-3L
Mar 2004 PS S500 DE Digital Ixus 500 Ixy Digital 500 5.3 CF Type I NB-1L
Mar 2004 PS S410 DE Digital Ixus 430 Ixy Digital 450 4.1 CF Type I NB-1L
Mar 2004 PS SD110 DE Digital Ixus IIs Ixy Digital 30a 3.2 SD NB-3L
Oct 2004 PS SD300 DE Digital Ixus 40 Ixy Digital 50 4.0 SD NB-4l
Oct 2004 PS SD200 DE Digital Ixus 30 Ixy Digital 40 3.2 SD NB-4L
Nov 2004 PS SD20 DE Digital Ixus i5 Ixy Digital L2 5.0 SD NB-3L
Mar 2005 PS SD400 DE Digital Ixus 50 Ixy Digital 55 5.0 SD NB-4L
Mar 2005 PS SD500 DE Digital Ixus 700 Ixy Digital 600 7.1 SD NB-3L
Sep 2005 PS SD550 DE  Digital Ixus 750 Ixy Digital 700 7.1 SD NB-3L
Sep 2005 PS SD450 DE  Digital Ixus 55 Ixy Digital 60 5.0 SD NB-4L
Oct 2005 PS SD30 DE  Digital Ixus i Zoom Ixy Digital L3 5.0 SD NB-4L
Dec 2005 PS SD 430 DE Wireless  Digital Ixus Wireless Ixy Digital Wireless 5.0 SD NB-4L
Mar 2006 PS SD600 DE  Digital Ixus 60 Ixy Digital 70 6.0 SD NB-4L
Apr 2006 PS SD630 DE  Digital Ixus 65 Ixy Digital 80 6.0 SD NB-4L
Apr 2006 PS SD700 IS DE  Digital Ixus 800 IS Ixy Digital 800 IS 6.0 SD NB-5L
Oct 2006 PS SD900 DE   Digital Ixus 900 Ti Ixy Digital 1000 10.00 SD NB-5L
Oct 2006 PS SD800 IS DE  Digital Ixus 850 IS IXY Digital 900 IS 7.1 SD NB-5L
Oct 2006 PS SD40 DE Digital Ixus i7 Ixy Digital L4 7.1 SD NB-4L
Mar 2007 PS SD1000 DE Digital Ixus 70 Ixy Digital 10 7.1 SD NB-4L
Mar 2007 PS SD750 DE Digital Ixus 75 Ixy Digital 90 7.1 SD NB-4L
Jun 2007 PS SD850 IS DE Digital Ixus 950 IS Ixy Digital 810 IS 8.0 SD NB-5L
Sep 2007 PS SD870 IS DE  Digital Ixus 860 IS Ixy Digital 910 IS 8.0 SD NB-5L
Mar 2008 PS SD1100 IS DE  Digital Ixus 80 IS Ixy Digital 20 IS 8.0 SD NB-4L
Apr 2008 PS SD890 IS DE  Digital Ixus 970 IS Ixy Digital 820 IS 10.0 SD NB-5L
Apr 2008 PS SD770 IS DE  Digital Ixus 85 IS Ixy Digital 25 IS 10.0 SD NB-6L
Apr 2008 PS SD790 IS DE Digital Ixus 90 IS Ixy Digital 95 IS 10.0 SD NB-5L
Sept 2008 PS SD990 IS DE Digital Ixus 980 IS Ixy Digital 3000 IS 14.7 SD NB-5L
Sept 2008 PS SD880 IS DE Digital Ixus 870 IS Ixy Digital 920 IS 10.0 SD NB-5L
Feb 2009 PS SD960 IS DE Digital Ixus 110 IS Ixy Digital 510 IS 12.1 SD NB-4L
Feb 2009 PS SD780 IS DE Digital Ixus 100 IS Ixy Digital 210 IS 12.1 SD NB-4L
Feb 2009 PS SD1200 IS DEF Digital Ixus 95 IS IXY Digital 110 IS 10.0 SD NB-6L
Apr 2009 PS SD970 IS DE Digital​ Ixus 990 IS Ixy Digital​ 830 IS 12.1 SD NB-5L
Aug 2009 PS SD940 IS DE Digital​ Ixus 120 IS Ixy Digital​ 220 IS 12.1 SD NB-4L
Sep 2009 PS SD980 IS DE Digital​ Ixus 200 IS Ixy Digital​ 930 IS 12.1 SD NB-6L
Feb 2010 PS SD3500 IS DE Ixus 210 Ixy 10S 14.1 SD NB-6L
Feb 2010 PS SD1400 IS DE Ixus 130 Ixy 400F 14.1 SD NB-4L
Feb 2010 PS SD1300 IS DE Ixus 105 Ixy 200F 12.1 SD NB-6L
May 2010 PS SD4000 IS DE Ixus 300 HS Ixy 30S 10.0 SD NB-6L
Sep 2010 PS SD4500 IS DE Ixus 1000HS Ixy 50S 10.0 SD NB-9L
Feb 2011 PS Elph 300HS Ixus 220 HS Ixy 410F 12.1 SD NB-4L
Feb 2011 PS Elph 100 HS Ixus 115 HS Ixy 210F 12.1 SD NB-4L
Mar 2011 PS Elph 500 HS Ixus 310 HS Ixy 31S 12.1 SD NB-6L
Sep 2011 PS Elph 310 HS Ixus 230 HS Ixy 600F 12.1 SD NB-4L
Sep 2011 PS Elph 510 HS Ixus 1100 HS Ixy 51S 12.1 SD NB-9L
Mar 2012 PS Elph 320 HS Ixus 240 HS Ixy 420F 16.1 SD NB-11L
Mar 2012 PS Elph 530 HS Ixus 510 HS Ixy 1 10.1 SD NB-9L
Mar 2012 PS Elph 520 HS Ixus 500 HS Ixy 3 10.1 SD NB-9L
Mar 2012 PS Elph 110 HS Ixus 125 HS Ixy 220F 16.1 SD NB-11L
Feb 2013 PS Elph 330 HS Ixus 255 HS Ixy 610F 12.1 SD NB-4L
Feb 2013 PS Elph 130 IS Ixus 140 Ixy 110F 16.0 SD NB-11L
Mar 2013 PS Elph 115 IS Ixus 132 Ixy 90F 16.0 SD NB-11L
Aug 2013 PS Elph 120 IS Ixus 135 Ixy 100F 16.0 SD  NB-11L
Feb 2014 PS Elph 340 HS Ixus 265 HS Ixy 630 16.0 SD  NB-11L/LH
Feb 2014 PS Elph 150 IS Ixus 155 Ixy 140 20.0 SD  NB-11L/LH
Feb 2014 PS Elph 135 Ixus 145 Ixy 120 16.0 SD NB-11L/LH
Aug 2014 PS Elph 140 IS Ixus 150 Ixy 130 16.0 SD NB-11L/LH
Feb 2015 PS Elph 160 Ixus 160 Ixy 150 20.0 SD NB-11L/LH
Apr 2015 PS Elph 170 IS Ixus 170 Ixy 170 20.0 SD NB-11L/LH
Feb 2016 PS Elph 190 IS Ixus 180 Ixy 190 20.0 SD NB-11L/LH
Feb 2016 PS Elph 180 Ixus 175 Ixy 180 20.0 SD NB-11L
May 2016 PS Elph 360 HS Ixus 285 HS Ixy 650 20.2 SD NB-11L
Feb 2017 PS Elph 200 IS Ixus 190 Ixy 210 20.0 SD NB-11L
Feb 2017 PS Elph 185 Ixus 185 Ixy 200 20.0 SD NB-11L


Cameras in the Collection

I have been picking up these cameras at Goodwill Stores, camera shows and Craig’s list for a few dollars each. Some are not in the best condition and many don’t work any longer. Eventually I will have to replace some of them with better copies. However, in the meantime, here are some of the ones I have found.

Canon PowerShot SD850 IS

C-347  PowerShot SD850 IS Digital Elph IS

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