Canon Model IIAF

The three pictrues above are from a post by Peter Kitchingman of his 1953 Canon IIAF.

Your camera would appear to be a Model IIAF. It has the following distinguishing features:

  • No Model Name on Camera
  • Top Shutter Speed 1/500th
  • Has no Slow Speed Dial
  • Has a View Finder Selector Lever
  • Has a Side Rail (flash sync)

Dates: June 1953 thru August 1953

Produced: 15

Ser. Nos.:  92165 to 95500

Of all the Canon models, this is the smallest production run on record. The IIAF is identical to the IIA except for the addition of a side rail and flash sychronization. Internally it is different as well, according to Dechert, in that it uses a die cast shutter crate while the IIA is the sheet metal assembled crate. But you cannot see this difference unless you are very knowledgeable about these cameras.

There is no record of these ever being advertised or marketed in any way. A bit of a mystery actually. Of the 15, three are known to exist. For more on that have a look at Kitchingman′s post referred to on the left.

You may see a reference to the Model IIAX, presumably referring to a strobe synchronization model. However, Dechert says that this is a phantom model and none of this designation have ever been seen.