Canon Model IID

Canon Model IID
Canon Model IID
Canon Model IID
Canon Model IID

This camera is missing the round bezel on the Rangefinder window. One day I’ll find an old beat up camera that will supply one for me.

Your camera would appear to be a Model IID. It has the following distinguishing features:

  • No Model Name on Camera
  • Top Shutter Speed 1/500th
  • Has a Slow Speed Dial
  • Top speed on slow dial is 25
  • One piece View Finder Lever
  • No Siderail
  • No Film Speed Reminder

Dates: August 1952 thru February 1955

Produced: 21,725

Ser. Nos.:  64020 to 160150

The IID was intended as Canon’s economy model and so it had no film speed reminder dial in its winder knob and it was not synchronized for flash. It was very successful and actually outshone the IIIA although it did not have the IIIA’s 1000th shutter speed.

Canon Model IID User Manual

This User Manual is a little confusing as it seems to say that the IID has a Film Speed Reminder on the winder knob, however, this is incorrect. It does not. See the photos on the left.