Canon Model IV Sb2

Your camera would appear to be a Model IV Sb2. It has the following distinguishing features:

  • No Model Name on Camera
  • Top Shutter Speed 1/1000th
  • Has a Slow Speed Dial
  • Top Slow Speed 1/30th
  • Has no Self Timer

Dates: Jul 1954 thru Jul 1956

Produced: 16,800

Ser. Nos.:  122490 thru 229000

This camera was an evolution of the IV Sb with several minor improvements. Top slow speed was increased to 1/30th and an “X” sync was placed on the high speed dial between 1/30th and 1/60th second. This was possible because of an improved shutter. The “X” was also on the low speed dial because some electronic flashes in that day were slow to fire and needed the longer shutter time. Also there were improvements to the optics in the view finder which made it much more pleasant to use. At this time Canon was under pressure from the Leica M-3 and its big bright viewfinder.