Canon Model 7

Your camera has its model name, “7”, on the top deck of the body.  Identification is straightforward.

Dates: June 1961 thru November 1964

Produced: 137,250

Ser. Nos.:  800000 to 999000

With the Model 7 we are getting near the end of the Canon rangefinders and by this time Canon was making really fine world class cameras. When the “7” appeared in 1961 it was one of the finest rangefinders ever made and it contained just about every feature available in ranger finder cameras of the time. It also became the best selling of the Canon cameras to that time.

This camera was the direct competitor of the Leica M-2’s and 3’s . One factor that made it appealing, besides quality build and price, was the built in light meter which the Leitz cameras of the day did not have.

It is interesting to note that the “7” was the last rangefinder to be available in all black finish. There are no known examples of a “black” 7s or 7sZ.

The Operator’s Manual for the Canon Model 7