Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

good quality for a good price

What’s inside the lens always fascinates me. Here is a drawing of the lens elements in this lens, courtesy of the Canon Museum.

Canon calls this lens the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM. Its design is based on the FD 50mm f/1.4 which was always known as a sharp lens with good color. AF is driven by a micro ultra sonic motor giving fast and silent focusing. Manual focus can override the motor at any time.

The literature suggests that this lens is soft when used wide open but once stopped down to F/2 the center becomes very sharp and at f/2.8 or smaller the corners become sharp as well. Optimum sharpness falls between 5.6 and f/11. After f/11 diffraction starts to take its toll on sharpness.The 8 blade aperture yields attractive out of focus blur characteristics at wide apertures.

Overall build quality is decent but not excellent. This is a lightweight compact lens with good optical performance once it is stopped down one or two stops. It performs well even up against more expensive modern lenses

Date Introduced:     June 1993

Lens Type:            Prime

Focal Length:       50mm

Max Aperature:     f 1.4

Min Aperature:     f 22

Lens Mount:         Canon EF

Construction:       6 groups of 7 elements

Filter Thread:        58mm filter which does not rotate on focusing

Accessories:           Lens hood CS-71 II

Construction:       This is basically a plastic Lens with metal lens mount.

The details for my copy of this lens are as follows:

Serial No.:          10503726

Condition:          Excellent – optics are clear, no marks. When I got this lens I sent it to Canon because there were problems focusing and the front lens housing had a hairline fracture suggesting it had taken a hit somewhere in its life.

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