Canon FX

The First of the Fabulous “F” Series

The CdS light meter indicator is in the window on the top plate of the camera. The scale is coupled with the shutter speed dial so one need only set the aperture that is indicated by the needle position. Under the rewind knob on the left is a two position switch to set light meter sensitivity.

Dates:                       Introduced April 1964.

Type:                        35mm SLR

Lens Mount:             Canon FL

Focus:                      Manual

Exposure:                Set manually

Light Meter:              Uncoupled CdS meter

Flash:                       X sync thru PC Socket

Shutter:                   Horizontal cloth focal plane

Speeds:                  1 Sec to 1/1000th

ASA / ISO:               ISO 10 – 800

Frame Rate:            Manual Lever Winding

Battery:                   625 Mercury Cell


The Canon FX was an important evolutionary step in the development of Canon cameras. Introduced in April of 1964 it followed the basic layout of the Asahi Pentax. This was a manual camera with a built in CdS light meter on the top deck. Metering was not TTL but through a small window on the front of the top plate below the rewind knob. Shutter speed and aperture were set manually based on the meter reading.

This camera was the first to use the FL lens mount which was an outgrowth of the R mount used on the Canonflex. The aperture was controlled by a single pin on the rear face of the lens. The diaphragm was automatic in the sense that it remained open until the moment of exposure when it would close down for the exposure and then reopen immediately afterwards. This meant that the viewfinder was bright for more accurate focusing.

The camera had an on/off switch on the back side of the top plate to the left of the viewfinder which also served as a battery check. Light readings were shown in the window on the top plate and under the rewind knob was a switch for high and low sensitivity of the meter.

The flash sync is by way of a PC Socket on the front of the camera. There is a shoe on the prism housing but it is an equipment mount only. There are no electrical contacts in it.

This is a nice camera to hold. It is heavy and has that well made feeling of the Model P or the Model 7 rangefinder camera. But it is big, much bigger than the Pentax. This camera is usually found with silver top and bottom plates. Some in black were produced but they are exceedingly rare.

In the Collection I have the following example:

Collection No.:    C-69

Serial No.:           244482

Condition:           Excellent

Acquisition:        9 Apr 2016


The Canon FX Manual

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