Canon TLb

Entry Level F Series SLR

Canon TX Camera
Canon TX Camera
Canon TX Camera
Canon TX Camera
Canon TX Camera
Canon TX Camera
Canon TX Camera
Date: Introduced September 1974
Type: 35mm SLR
Lens Mount: FD
Focus: Manual
Exposure: Match needle center weighted internal CdS meter
Flash: PC connection only
Shutter: Horizontal rubberized cloth focal plane

Speeds from 1 sec. to 1/500th

X-synch at 1/60th sec.

ASA: 25 to 1600
Frame Rate: Manual lever winding
Battery: 1.35v PX625 mercury cell

Notes:  The TLb is the “Rebel” of the Canon F Series line of cameras: it is an entry level manual SLR.

Having said that, this camera is built on the FTb body and has the same quality build and feel of the fuller featured FTb. However, it has no hot shoe (only an equipment shoe), the top shutter speed is 1/500th, and it has dropped the QL feature and the mirror lockup, But is it a quality camera? Absolutely and a very capable one. It reminds me of my Minolta SR-1 that I shot with for years. An SR-1 with a built in light meter.

The internal meter is a manual match needle system that operates exactly like the one in its big brother. There is nothing automatic on this camera: all manual. It does not need the battery at all to function. The battery only powers the CdS meter.

In the Collection I have the following example:

Collection No.:    C-72

Serial No.:           169453

Condition:           Very Good

Accessories:      None yet

Acquisition:        5 March 2016 at the Vancouver Swap Meet on Terminal Avenue

Cosmetically this camera is in fine condition but the shutter is jammed and will not fire. It does show some signs of wear. One day I will upgrade this camera.

Canon TX Camera

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