Canon Rebel 2000

Collection No: C-25

Dates:             April 1999 thru Sept 2002

Type:               35mm SLR

Lens Mount:   Canon EF

Focus:              TTL Phase Detection Seven point AF System

Exposure:        PASM autoexposure, 35 zone evaluative metering instead of conventional 6 zone

Flash:               Manual Pop-up

Frame Rate:     1.5 frame/second

Notes:             This camera was the replacement for the Rebel G. It was lighter and smaller and had a higher performance AF system, exposure control and other basic features. Designed under the supervision of Yasuhiro Morishita, the camera was intended as a replacement for the Canon EOS 500N The camera was a success for Canon, selling exceedingly well and dominating its market sector until it was replaced by the EOS 300V (Rebel Ti, Kiss 5).

Like other low-priced SLRs of the time, the EOS Rebel 2000 used a pentamirror viewfinder instead of a pentaprism, and had a polycarbonate body. A compact, lightweight, low-priced SLR camera. The camera incorporates the Mode Dial and most other basic features of the EOS Kiss/EOS REBEL XS/EOS500 and includes six-zone evaluative metering linked to three focusing points. In addition, the flash is linked to the measurement point so that during shooting the flash out-put level is constantly adjusted for optimum exposure control. For reasons of cost, the flash unit is manual pop-up/retractable head type. The high-quality design has a feel of genuine elegance.A compact, lightweight, low-priced SLR camera.

This camera was sold as the EOS Kiss III in Japan and as the EOS 300 / QD in Europe. In North America it was the Rebel 2000. The Japanese market version of the EOS 300 was also introduced in April, 1999. The primary differences are that the Kiss III supports an optional wireless infrared remote control and has a panorama feature (a mode that fakes a panorama view by masking out the top and bottom of the negative), whereas the international versions do not. It also has a date-stamp feature by default – no version without date stamping was made available for the Japanese market. A black version, identical in technical specifications, was later introduced in September, 2000.

The autofocus capabilities of this camera were identical to Canon’s much more expensive Elan 7 with six single-line CMOS sensors surrounding a central cross-type sensor.

Camera is two tone silver and black . In Japan in September 2000 an all black was released.

A lightly updated version of the Kiss III, introduced to the Japanese market in November, 2001. The IIIL is painted a metallic charcoal and black colour, ships with an infrared remote control (the RC-5), has an illuminated (backlit) top-deck LCD, and has a shiny metal shutter release button and silver-painted mode dial.

Serial No.:    2769154

Condition:      Excellent but missing eye cup

Accessories:    None so far

Acquisition:    Craig’s list – 31 December 2015. Thank you, Zora.

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