Camera has a Rangefinder

Of all the rangefinder models there are only 3 cameras with this set of characteristics. They are:

  • No Model designation on Body
  • Maximum Shutter speed 1/500th
  • Has a Slow Speed Dial
  • Has no View Finder Lever
  • Has a Rangefinder
Model Date Model Date Model Date
Canon S I Dec 1945   Canon S II Oct 1946   Canon VL2 Jan 58

Sixth Question:

Does the Camera advance Film with  a Thumb Lever?

Early Canons followed the lead of the Leicas and advanced film by winding a knob on the right side of the camera top plate near the shutter speed dial. Eventually all manufacturers switched to the classic Thumb Lever which became the standard until electrically operated cameras made that unnecessary.

The first Canon with a Thumb Lever was the L2 which was introduced in late 1956 after the Trigger Winder proved unpopular on the Canon VT that preceeded it.

This Model VI-L has the Thumb Lever for advancing the film rathe than the older Knob style of film advance.

This camera has the Knob type film advance that was copied from the Leica’s of the 20’s and 30’s.

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