Canon Model III

Canon Model III
Canon Model III
Canon Model III
Canon Model III
Canon Model III

Your camera would appear to be a Model III. It has the following distinguishing features:

  • No Model Name on Camera
  • Top Shutter Speed 1/1000th
  • Has Slow Speed Dial
  • Slow Speed Dial split at 1/25th
  • No Slow Speed Lock
  • Has no Side Rail (no flash sync)
  • 2 pc View Finder Lever and No Speed Reminder

Dates: February 1951 thru Decemberr 1952

Produced: 10,175

Ser. Nos.:  50200 thru 81850

The Model III looks very like the IIB which was produced long after the III was introduced. At the beginning of 1951 the Canon Camera Company Ltd. became the Canon Camera Company Inc. and this new designation first appeared on the Model III. The requirement for the “Made in Occupied Japan” was also lifted in 1951 and most Model III’s did not have this text engraved on them although a very few did have an indication that they were made in Japan. But this is very rare.

The camera has no provision for flash synchronisation This camera is also the model in which Canon’s pop-up take up spool first appeared. This became very popular with Leica users and Leica eventually copied this feature.

Production continued into 1952 but new parts for subsequent models were slowing making their way into this model.