Canon EOS Rebel II Camera
Canon Rebel II
Canon EOS Rebel II Camera

Except for the name on the front of the camera this model looks the same as the original Rebel.

Canon EOS Rebel II Camera

The EOS lens mount is still plastic to keep the camera light. Although many of us have an aversion to plastic, it is probably as durable as metal and certainly lighter.

Canon EOS Rebel II Camera

A good way to distinguish this model is to look for the SF setting on the Command Dial. It is not on the original Rebel.

Canon EOS Rebel II Camera

The bottom of this model and the original holds no clues as to which you are looking at.

Canon EOS Rebel II Camera

The backs of this and the previous model are identical. Of course when we get into the command backs the differences become apparent.

Canon EOS Rebel II Camera

Internally, there are no changes of note. The original and this model look the same.

EOS Rebel II

The First Rebel Upgrade

The camera market has been feature driven for decades. Competition from the other companies has driven a push for newer and better features and new models have appeared regularly from all manufacturers. The Rebel is still with us today but it is a far cry from the first model. The Rebel II was the beginning of the evolution of the Rebel series to what it is today.

Dates: April 1992
Type: Auto focus, Auto exposure SLR
Mount: EF
Shutter: Vertical Travel electronic control
Speeds: 30 Sec. to 1/2000th plus bulb
Film Advance: Automatic

When we talk about the Rebel II we actually talk about a family of cameras, some with a flash and some without. But all are essentially identical. Just as with the original Rebel the Rebel II is a camera without a built in flash. The model with the flash was the Rebel S II. And, of course, it was available with a Date Back so there is the Rebel S II QD. In Europe, in the same order, these were the 1000 N (“N” presumably for New), 1000 FN, and the 1000 FN QD. In the Japanese home market there was the 1000 S which was the Rebel S II, the 1000 S QD and the 1000 S QD-P. In a chart it would look like this:


Rebel S
Rebel S QD
EOS 1000
EOS 1000 F
EOS 1000 F QD
EOS 1000 F QD-P
1992Rebel II
Rebel S II
Rebel II QD
EOS 1000 N
EOS 1000 FN
EOS 1000 FN QD
EOS 1000 S
EOS 1000 S QD
EOS 1000 S QD-P

This, however, is not the last word. The Canon museum is not much help. Information on the Internet is all over the place. So I am not sure if this chart is complete or if all of the cameras listed actually exist. I am in the process of trying to acquire example of each. Only that way can we be certain.

Now, the Rebel II looks, outwardly, like the original Rebel. If you open the Manuals side by side at the specifications page you will see little difference. The top shutter speed is up from 1/1000th to 1/2000th. And apparently the focus is faster by about 50%. I see references as well to a quieter film advance and rewind. Apparently the flash is stronger in the flash models.

An unusual feature is a soft focus setting which I really have to try. This would normally be for portraits. The camera takes a picture but it then kicks the lens slightly out of focus and snaps a second image on top of the first: a double exposure. This is the “SF” setting on the Command Dial.

The camera usually came with a 35 – 80mm f/4-5.6 zoom lens.

I have the following copy:

Collection Number:                     C-208

Serial Number:                            4512425

Condition:                                    Excellent

Notes:     In excellent condition and fully functional.