The first Rebel has a black plastic body with the new EOS lens mount and an advanced suite of features.

The EOS lens mount is plastic to keep the camera light.

The camera status is reported on a good sized LCD panel.

EOS Rebel

…. The First of the Rebels
(also called the EOS 1000)

The EOS Rebel was the first of the entry level EOS SLR’s. So popular were these cameras that the Rebels made the transition to digital and are available to this day still as Canon’s entry level DSLR.

Dates: October 1990 to 1991
Type: Auto focus, Auto exposure SLR
Mount: EF
Shutter: Vertical Travel electronic control
Speeds: 30 Sec. to 1/1000th plus bulb
Film Advance: Automatic

For full details on the camera and its functions have a look at the User Manual below.

As an entry level camera the 850 was a disappointment. It was very automatic but it offered no features that allowed for creativity. It was a cabable instrument that could take a good picture but it was a closed system.

The Rebel, which replaced the 850 as Canon’s entry level SLR, offered much more. It could be used in Av or TV mode, it had an Automatic setting, a Program setting and various other settings for specific situations.

The body was of black moulded plastic, it had a plastic lens mount, and it had a hot shoe but no built in flash.

With this camera one can be creative. It is possible to set the shuter speed, set the aperture, or use the camera in fully manual mode. For a serious amateur or a “point-and-shoot” user this is an advanced camera that suited their needs. And it was less expensive than the more serious 600, 620 and 650’s but still had a decent range of features.

When loading the film, the camera recognizes the DX Code on the film cannister and sets the film speed. It then pulls all of the film out of the cassette and as pictures are taken the counter counts down showing the number of remaining shots and the exposed film is drawn back into the cannister. If the back is inadvertently opened while the camera is used, the exposed film will not be lost. It is safely away and protected from the light.

All in all, the original Canon Rebel is a capable camera still able to satisfy the film user.

User Manual for the Original Rebel Camera

I have the following copy:

Collection Number:                      C-94

Serial Number:                            1327528

Condition:                                    Excellent

Notes:       The camera seems to functional normally except for the focusing which is not working.

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EOS 1000

The European Rebel


The first Rebel was so named for the Americas. In Europe it was called the EOS 1000. Same camera but different name.

It is interesting that comments I read concerning this camera seem to get it confused with other models. It is simply the EOS 1000. It has no other letters or numbers. It is not a QD. It is just plain 1000. Looking at the pictures you will see that it is simply the EOS Rebel in every detail.

Canon EOS 1000
Canon EOS 1000
Canon EOS 1000
Canon EOS 1000

Compare the manuals. You will see they are the same except for the name. 

I have the following copy:

Collection Number:                      C-204

Serial Number:                            1233842

Condition:                                    Excellent ++

Notes:       The camera seems to functional normally in all respects. 

User Manual for the EOS 1000 Camera
Publication C-IE-154C (1990)