Camera has No View Finder Lever

Of all the rangefinder models there are only 3 cameras with this set of characteristics:

  • No Model designation on Body
  • Maximum Shutter speed 1/500th
  • No Slow Speed Dial
  • No View Finder Lever
Model Date Model Date Model Date
Canon J Jan 1939   Canon NS 1940   Canon J II Dec 1945

Fifth Question:

Does the Camera have a Rangefinder?

A few early Canon cameras had no built in rangefinder. This meant that they only needed a single window on the front for the viewfinder. This arrangement is very easy to pick out.

This camera has the two windows, the square one for the viewfinder and the second round one for the distance measurement. So just count the windows: 1 means no rangefinder, 2 or 3 means there is a rangefinder.

This J II has no rangefinder. Only one window on the front is necessary for the view finder. The camera rangefinders of the day used two windows and then compared the images to arrive at the distance (to be very simplistic).

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