Canon Battery Charger

This is a Canon LP-E6  Lithium Ion rechargeable battery in its Charger LC-E6 Canon chargers are match in voltage and current output to specific batteries.

Batteries and Chargers

Figuring out which battery a camera needs is usually not a problem. Often it is indicated in the battery compartment of the camera or it is, without doubt, set out in the camera instructions. And of course it can be found here in on the Camera Battery pages found on the Menu on the right.

Figuring out which charger a particular battery uses is sometimes not so easy. So I am listing here all of the battery and charger combinations I can find, organized by battery name in alphabetical order.

Canon batteries are expensive but in my opinion they are worth the extra money. And the corresponding charger is built for the characteristics of their battery. I think this results in longer battery life and a more reliable source of power. I have tried ‘after market’ batteries and I have not had good luck with them. I know some reviewers speak highly of some brands and it is possible there are good brands other than Canon out there and I have just not found them. But, be careful and do your reserch before you order batteries from other manufacturers.

There are also after market chargers for some battery models but I have no experience with them. Again, be careful and do your research before you buy.

Canon Battery Charger

The electrical contacts in the battery charger are designed for a particular battery and no other battery will match them. The side rails in the battery holder also prevent a wrong battery from seating properly in the charger.

Most, if not all, Canon battery chargers have power supplies that can accept 110 (North American Standard) or 240 volts (European Standard). That means that it is not necessary to use a voltage converter. Just plug it in. On the back of the charger look for the “Input:” and it will tell you the voltages that are acceptable for the unit. If it says “AC100-240V 50/60Hz” that tells you that you can use the charger on any power source that has a voltage of 110, 220 or 240 volts and alternates at between 50 and 60 cycles per second. Very handy if you are travelling in Europe or North America.

There are warnings on the back of the unit that should be noted. Battery chargers are not water proof and 

probably not water resistant. They should be used indoors in a dry environment. The charger should only be used with the battery it is designed for. Batteries have design parameters that must be met or they may be damaged and could possibly catch fire or explode otherwise.

Generally the chargers have cicuitry to protect the battery once it is fully charged but it is not a good idea to leave the battery in the charger longer than necessary to obtain a full charge. It is a simple safety precaution and with electrical equipment one cannot be too cautious.

A word of caution: it is important that you never allow any metal to short out the battery contacts on the charger while it is plugged in. This can damage the charger, often beyond repair. In fact, make a habit of never allowing anything metalic to make contact with the charger, inside or out.

Canon Batteries and Chargers

It is very annoying when you need a charger for a battery and you don’t know which one. This is a chart showing various Canon Batteries and the name of the chargers that they require.

Battery mAh Voltage Charger
BP-511 1000 mAh 7.4v CB-5L
BP-511A 1390 mAh 7.4v CB-5L
BP-512 100 mAh 7.4v CB-5L
LP-E4 2300mAh 11.1v LC-E19
LP-E4N 2450mAh 11.1v LC-E19
LP-E5 1600 mAh 7.2v LC-E5
LP-E6 1800 mAh 7.2v LC-E6
LP-E6N 1865 mAh 7.2v LC-E6
LP-E6NH 2130 mAh 7.2v LC-E6
LP-E8 1120 mAh 7.2v LC-E8
LP-E10 860 mAh 7.4v LC-E10
LP-E12 875 mAh 7.2v LC-E12
LP-E17 1040 mAh 7.2v LC-E17
LP-E19 2700 mAh 10.8v LC-E19
NB-1L 680mAh 3.7v CB-2LS
NB-1LH 840mAh 3.7v CB-2LS
NB-2L 570mAh 7.4v CB-2LW
NB-2LH 720mAh 7.4v CB-2LW
NB-4L 760mAh 3.7v CB-2LV/CB-2LV G
NB-5L 1120mAh 3.7v CB-2LX/LXE
NB-8L 740mAh 3.6v CB-2LA
NB-10L 920mAh 7.4v CB-2LCE
NB-11L 680mAh 3.7v CB-2LF
NB-11LH 800mAh 3.6v CB-2LD/2LF
NB-12L 1910mAh 3.6v CB-2LGE
NB-13L 1250mAh 3.6v CB-2LH/LHE
NB4-300 2500mAh 1.2v



You will notice that there are batteries that seem very similar such as the LP-E4 and LP-E4N. They are the same voltage and almost the same power capacity. However, keep in mind that these are not simple batteries. They have internal electronics to protect the battery and communicate battery information to the camera. How that communication is carried out may change from camera to camera even though the same voltages are required. So be careful to read the Camera Manual to use the correct battery so that not only will the camera operate but the battery will communicate with it correctly.

These batteries, however, may use the same charger. But the battery does not have to communicate with the charger and so we can be a little more flexible in this regard.


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