Canon T70 Camera

This is the Canon T70 which has electronic exposure control as well as film winding and rewinding. Power comes from two AA alkaline batteries.

Pre EOS Batteries

A discussion of pre-EOS Canon
camera batteries is not a long one.
The earliest cameras with batteries
needed them only to power the CdS
light meters. This included the
rangefinders and the whole of the
“F” series. Then the “A” series
introduced electrical circuitry that controlled
shutter and aperture to a greater or lesser
degree. Finally the “T” series introduced auto film winding which required even more electricity to power electric motors. And that brings us to EOS. See, a short conversation.

The tables below list the correct batteries for cameras and their attachements. Below that is a discussion of actual battery types.

Canon Rangefinder Batteries

The only rangefinder cameras that had light meters were the Model 7 and 7s. The Model 7 had a selenium cell on the front to measure light and did not require a battery. The 7s, hoverer, used a CdS cell which did require a bettery. It was the only Canon rangefinder camera that did.

Canon “F” Series Batteries

Begining with the Canon FX in 1964 Canon cameras were more and more electronic devices and very quickly all cameras required a battery. 

Canon “A” Series Batteries

It is with the “A” series that cameras truly become electronic devices with all functions controlled electrically. From this point on batteries will be an essential element in all Canon cameras.

Canon “T” Series Batteries

The T series is notable for two reasons. For one thing, it marked the end of the venerable FD lens mount which did not continue on. And secondly, the series culminated with the T90 which, if you look at it, was the beginning of the EOS styling that was just around the corner.

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