Canon Model IV

Canon Model III
Canon Model III
Canon Model III
Canon Model III

Your camera would appear to be a Model IV. It has the following distinguishing features:

  • No Model Name on Camera
  • Top Shutter Speed 1/1000th
  • Has Slow Speed Dial
  • Top Slow Speed is 1/25th second
  • Has no Lock on Slow Speed Dial
  • Has a Side Rail
  • Canon Name ends with “Inc.”
  • Has no film speed reminder dial
  • Has a 2 piece viewfinder lever

Dates: April 1951 to April 1952

Produced: 1,400

Ser. Nos.:  51270 thru 67825

The Model IV is the production version of the Model 1950 and they are almost identical. However, you are not likely to find a Model 1950 as only 50 were made! Between the Model 1950 and the Model IV Canon changed its name from “Canon Camera Company Ltd.” to “Canon Camera Company Inc.”. The 1950’s have the company name in all upper case letters and the name ends in “LTD.” The Model IV has the name in capitalized lower case words and the name ends in “Inc.”.

This camera was the first Canon to be generally available with internal sync for flash bulbs through a side rail. The side rail became common on later rangefinder models.

NOTE: This is a fairly rare camera and I do not have one. However it is identical to the Model III externally except for the side rail which is lacking on the III. The photographs here are of my own Model III. When I acquire a IV I will update them.