Canon Rangefinder with a Model Name

Canon is making this easy for us. But there are still a few wrinkles to discuss before we can be certain. For an example, although I list the Model 7sZ the designation on the body is 7s. However, we shall get to that. The possible cameras with Model designations on them are:

Model Date Model Date Model Date
Canon VT Apr 1956 Canon L2 Dec 1956   Canon VTD Feb 1957
Canon L1 Feb 1957   Canon VTDZ Apr 1957   Canon L3 Oct 1957
Canon VI-T Jun 1958   Canon P Dec 1958   Canon 7 Jun 1961
Canon 7s Apr 1965   Canon 7sZ Aug 1967  

Chose the Model Name on your Camera

The next step is to chose the model name on your camera and we can get into what you really have in your hands.

If you make a wrong selection you can go back one step or all the way to the beginning one step at a time. If you simply get lost or want to look up another camera you can go straight to the beginning again and start over. Or, if you feel you don’t need all the explanations you can go to the Rapid Finder. You get the same questions but in abbreviated form with no discussion or photos.