Canon EOS 1v

the last professional film camera

Dates:                      Announced in February 2000

Type:                        35mm SLR

Lens Mount:             Canon EF

Focus:                      TTL Phase Detection with 45 Zones

Exposure:               21 segment evaluative (matrix) metering

Flash:                     None built in – hot shoe

Shutter:                  Electronic, vertical metal focal plane, Top Sync speed is 1/125s Top speed is 1/2000s

ASA / ISO:              ISO 25 – 3200

Frame Rate:           4 fps / 10 fps




The first serious professional “top of the line” camera in the EOS lineup was the EOS 1 introduced in 1989. This was followed by ever evolving models from the EOS 1N, the EOS 3 and, finally, the EOS-1v. These are all SLR film cameras. The EOS 1v was first announced at the PMA show in Las Vegas in early February 2000 and was the last professional grade film camera produced by Canon. It was manufactured until 2015.

The suffix “V” was used because it is the fifth generation of professional SLR’s, after the Canon F-1, New F-1, Canon T90, and the earlier EOS 1 models.

When it came out, this camera had the fastest moving mirror of any film camera put into production: 10 frames per second when using the PB-E2 power drive booster and the NP-E2 Ni-MH battery pack. The 1NRS was faster but it used a stationary “pellicle” mirror, and the EOS-1D X reached 14 frames per second, but it was digital.

This is a wonderful camera to hold if you love the feeling of solid precise machinery. The magnesium alloy body is heavy and strong and the camera weather sealing is extensive. The shape is rounded and very much in keeping with all modern EOS cameras. As to its operation, have a look at the Instruction Manual. It’s all there.

I will be taking this camera out for a stroll and a few rolls of film.

In the Collection I have the following example:

Collection No.:    C-28

Serial No.:           138059

Condition:           Excellent

Accessories:      Grip

Acquisition:        5 Jan 2016


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