Camera has No Range Finder

Of all the rangefinder models there are only 2 cameras with this set of characteristics:

  • No Model designation on Body
  • Maximum Shutter speed 1/500th
  • No Slow Speed Dial
  • No View Finder Lever
  • No Rangefinder
Model Date Model Date Model Date
Canon J Jan 1939   Canon J II Dec 1945  

Sixth Question:

Does the Camera have a Flat Sided Rangefinder Cover?

These are two very early Canon models but they are easily distinguishable. Of course, there are exceptions, but generally the Model J had a larger rewind knob and the edge of the rangefiner housing was flat sided. The JII on the other hand, had a smaller rewind knob and the side of the rangefinder house had a pronounced curve to it.

These cameras are both hard to come by and I have neither of them. As a result, these are not my pictures and they are not the best quality. But they serve our purposes.

This is the Model J. Note the right side of the view finder housing by the rewind knob. It runs straight across the top plate. The JII on the right curves around the rewind knob. And note the JII’s smaller rewind knob.

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