Canon Model J-II Camera

This image of the S-II is courtesy of the Canon Museum

Canon JII

This image courtesy of

Canon Model J-II

Your camera would appear to be a Canon Model J-II. It has the following distinguishing features:

  • No Model Name on Camera
  • Top Shutter Speed 1/500th
  • No Slow Speed Dial
  • No Viewfinder Lever
  • No Rangefinder
  • Small Rewind Knob opposite curved housing (so viewfinder window appears more centered)

Dates: Jan 1945 thru Nov 1946

Produced: estimated 525

Ser. Nos.:  8000 to 8700 (approx.)

Production began at the end of 1945 largely of Model S parts. It looks identical to the Model S except for the smaller rewind knob and curved end on the viewfinder housing. This camera became popular with occupation troops and Seiki Kogaku could not keep up with demand.

The J-II is hard to find today, especially in good condition, and it is a valuable addition to any collection.

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