PowerShot A2300

PowerShot A2300

There is a problem with the early PowerShot cameras. Actually, it is a problem with all of the point and shoot cameras. Their days are over, killed off by the very excellent cameras in today’s cell phones. Most of them use very specially batteries unique to then. And these batteries, all Li-Ion and N-Mh
batteries deteriorate with time
and are useless after a couple of years.

This S2300 is a good example. I don’t 

have a battery or charger for this camera so I cannot turn it on or check if it is functional. And because its battery, the NB-11L is such a specialized item, in a few years there will be no way to obtain a functional battery for it. It is a shame because this is such a neat little piece of technology.

PowerShot A2300

The A2300 is a small compact camera with an array of features that would embarrass the best cell phone.

PowerShot A2300

The camera’s features are accessed through the Menu and Function Dial.

PowerShot S2300

The top of the camera is clean and simple: On-Off switch, shutter button and a collar around the shutter button that serves as the Zoom Control.

The S2300 was introduced in March of 2012. By this time we are getting near the last of this series, the A3500 IS of  2013 and these cameras are becoming small and powerful.

This is a 16 megapixel camera with a Digic 4 Processor which is a powerful graphics chip. The lens is a 5 to 25mm (28 to 140mm equivalent) 5x optical zoom with aperture from f/2.8 to f/7.9. Shutter speed runs from 15 seconds to 1/2000th of a second.

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PowerShot S2300

The leather case that came with the camera is a beautiful puch with magnetic latch.

When I picked this camera up at the local thrift store it came without battery or charger. So I cannot power it up and see if it is functional. This has brought up the fact that I have not researched which camera take what batteries that use which chargers, if you get my meaning. So that is probably coming later this year.

As for the operation and features of this camera, read the manual on the right.


PowerShot S2300

The NB-11L battery and the SD chip are accessed through a door in the bottom of the camera.

PowerShot S2300

The SD chip slot is located in its own compartment accessible from the back bottom of the camera.

This is not much of a discussion of the A2300. It is more of a placeholder until I resolve the battery thing and have a chance to actually take some pictures with it. But the unhappy truth is that all of these cameras will be inoperable in a few years. They will break down or not have proper batteries and there will be no repair facilities. Why repair them when the cell phone in your pocket takes better pictures?

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