Christmas 1970

For Christmas in 1970 we had snow! It was our second Christmas in the house on Wilmot Street and it was full of excitement.

Snow, of course, means a “Snowman” in the backyard. The boys helped me to build ours and then that night we took pictures with our new friend.

But, it was Christmas, and the real action took place by the Christmas Tree in the living room. The kids were getting older and the anticipation grew with them. Sean was six, going on seven, and Kate was almost one and a half.

Christmas Morning on Wilmot Street

Christmas Dinner at Grandma Etta’s

Every Christmas Grandma Etta would have us over for Christmas dinner. Grandma always put out a wonderful traditional turkey dinner with gravey, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, and for desert, with Rum Sauce. her wonderful Chrstmas Plum Pudding.

After dinner there were always presents. And Grandpa would dress up as Santa to hand them out. His costume was not very believable but the children loved it and fell in with it completely. For those few minutes, the magic happened, and he was Santa Claus!

Santa Granpa captured the kids every time! The little ones are such a natural audience and Grandpa Bill knew how to capture them. These pictures are in the front room of their house in Langley.

The Boys build a Snowman

Soon enough the holidays are over and its back to play as usual. We still had snow so Sean and Gordon decided to build their own snowman in our front yard. I took pictures through the front window so I didn’t disturb them but it is obvious they knew I was there.