Susan’s Garden

For Susan, her garden is a refuge, a joy and a connection with her childhood. We all have something we love; something that brings us peace when we are doing it and satisfaction when we sit back and enjoy it. For me, it is this computer. For Susan, it is her garden!

Susan wanted hummingbirds and so she put out a feeder several years ago. For the first two years we had very little activity but then one year we had a couple come along and begin to feed. Then they had babies and we had more. The next year they returned early in the spring and hung around every day. And each year since we get more and more of them.

They have grown used to us and seem to watch us. But they appear unafraid and will come within a foot or two of us without concern.

They winter over with us now and we go through pounds of sugar for them. There are four feeders and we have to fill them about every three or four days summer and winter.