A Wedding in Cuba

Joe, Christina and Susan and I are invited to the wedding, in Cuba, of Ivona and Mario. A Great Adventure!

It happened this way: Joe’s sister’s son, Mario, wanted to get married in Cuba. A destination wedding it was to be. Joe suggested that Susan and I come and Katie and Jimmy were interested as well. The package tour was very reasonable for 7 days in Varadero, Cuba so it was agreed. The four of us were off and it turned out to be a great trip.

It was a strange trip in a lot of ways. The Cuban people were wonderful but their culture and country has been twisted and deformed but history, their socialist government and American obstinance. But their warm hearted natured showed through at every turn.

But we were with a great group of people and it turned out to be a memorable journey. Although we were only

there for about a week we were well looked after and the wedding itself could not have been finer. We got into Havana for a day, walked on the beach and went to the wedding. And of course, we slept a lot and ate a lot.

In this introductory page I have put general photographs of our group and then , as you can see in the menu on the right, I have created separate pages for the main activities and attractions of our trip.

There were four groups in Cuba for the wedding, sort of: the Vancouver people, the Winnipeg people, the Italians and finally the Bride and Groom and their friends, the younger crowd.