This is a photo album. That’s all. We are blessed in a way that I took up photography in high school and knew enough to keep my negatives. It may be that through my pictures I can share what the years have been like.

I look back now on 72 years. To me it seems no more than a few days and I remember it all well. But when I look at all these images, it’s obvious it is more than a few!

I am doing this in bits and pieces and I really have no plan. I hope to create an order out of it based on subject and date. I would be grateful for comments and if you have pictures to contribute, all the better.

This section, “Marr Family” is our story, before I met Susan. Similarly, I have created a section for Susan’s Family. And there is a section for Susan and I together. It will take a lifetime to sort, prepare and post all of the material I have. And that is without creating new material, which we are doing all of the time.

So this is a living and growing record. Come back often and get in the habit of following along with this adventure. I will try to keep you posted and new developments so when you get a reminder to check this site, look around for all the little changes I did not mention.

By the way, I am looking for new material all of the time so if you have some pictures for me, see that I get them and give me some background for them so I can tell the story.

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