Mario & Ivona

A beautiful Wedding in an Incredible Setting

A wedding is the happiest of events. I love the weddings I have been invited to. So much joy and excitement, not to mention the food. If I am invited, I go. And when we were invited to a wedding in Cuba there was no hesitation: we went. And it was everything we imagined. Ivona and Mario had a wonderful wedding.

Mario is the son of Joe’s sister and her husband, Peter. Being an Italian family there was a large group that went with them. They had arranged for a travel agent to create a package tour. It was affordable and, for Cuba, luxurious. We had a wonderful time.

These are the guys in our group. From the left, Tony, Tony, Piero, Joe, Luciano, Nino and Jimmy.

And here are the girls in our group. From the left, Anna, Katie, Susan, Annarita, Maria, Christina, and Antonina.

At the top of the hotel was a lovely covered veranda looking out over the hotel gardens and pools and out to the ocean. It was an incredible place for a wedding. And the day turned out to be the nicest day we had in our week in Cuba.

The wedding ceremony, in that place with such a handsome couple, with the sun and the ocean and the garden green, was one of the prettiest wedding ceremonies I have ever seen. It had a simplicity and beauty about it that brought out wedding tears of happiness.

Ivona and Mario after the Ceremony.

Once the ceremony was over, we had a glass of champagne and everyone got their cameras out. It was time to take pictures of everyone with everyone.

Ivona and Mario

Mario with his Dad

Ivona with her parents, Mirjana and Dragon

Ivona and her new Father in Law

Mario and Ivona with the In-Laws. From the left, Dragon, Mirjana, Mario, Ivona and Piero.

Hey, are we enjoying ourselves yet?!

When the wedding was done we all took a little break. The dinner was scheduled for an hour or two later. There was an open air veranda, sort of a pavilion, for parties and meals and that is where we were to meet. So we all had a bit of a rest and as the sun was going down everyone assembled again.

The pavilion was very nice with a solid roof but open walls looking out on the hotel grounds. Everything was decorated and the table settings were magnificent. It was a wonderful setting.

Nino and Joe

Diner was Chicken and Rice

Jimmy and Katie

The food at the hotel, indeed, everywhere we went in Cuba, was rather bland and the ingredients were not the best. But on this night, the diner was excellent. It was simple but very tasty. Chicken and rice. But these are dishes that the Cubans eat a lot of so they knew what they were doing. Excellent!

After diner came the speeches and everyone had great fun.