We have a BBQ in the Back Yard

Joe and Christina come over 5 Aug 2012 with the Bonds for a BBQ

Well, we had several reasons for this dinner party! Joe and Christina had an anniversary – way to go guys! Pino and Francesca were visiting from Italy. Pino is the son of Guido’s sister. And the Bonds, Chris’ parents, were just back from a trip to Italy and we wanted to hear all about it. So we had a dinner party on Sunday.

What a night for a party. The weather was perfect and the evening air was warm and inviting. We sat out till late without sweaters without a chill. And there were no bugs (why I don’t know but their absence was appreciated).

I set the table in the afternoon. What a glorious day. Thirty four degrees, no wind, blue sky! Of course we were going to eat outside!

Every one came by about 5:30: there was Chistina and Joe and Chris and Sabrina. Dan, Linda and Tyler, Pino and Francesca (who live in Rome, and Susan and I. Wow, Susan did good! Fresh foccacia, lasagna as only she can do, sausages, salmon, steak, grilled vegetables and …. God, do I love Italy!

The air was great! It is so seldom that we can sit out in the evening without a sweater. As it got dark we got the candles out, and the cake, and the coffee and the vodka (Russian Standard) frozen in ice.

As you can see in these pictures, we sat up late and enjoyed a wonderful evening. Great party!

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