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C21-Photo-of-MeWelcome to my Family Pictures website. Whether you are family or just a friend visiting, I hope you enjoy our pictures.

I have taken most of these pictures myself, but, where I can get them, I have included pictures taken by others. I have tried to indicate which those are in the text. If you have pictures that you feel the family would enjoy, please send them to me. My e-mail is easy: Include details so I can write text to explain the pictures and the event. Dates and locations are good and I really need the names of the people in the pictures.

And I need to hear from you. What do you think about what you see here? How can I improve our website? What can I add to it? Talk to me! I keep this site for your enjoyment as well as my own and I want to include things you will enjoy.

This site is a lot of work and it will grow slowly. But after I have been at it for ten years or more, it will become a major archive for the family and it will be a record for all the children of where they come from. That’s when it will really be fun!

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I leave you with a little ego and a little humor: a collection of selfies I have taken over the years. Not many, but then, Rembrant didn’t do many selfies either. These are all images that I took of me.

In a drift wood mirror in Ganges, BC

Reflection in skin of a B-17 at Air Museum in Palm Springs, CA

Me in the woods on Valdes Island

Selfie in a warped mirror on one of our cruise ship holidays

There’s me in the skin of a B-29 at the Boeing Museum in Seattle