This past 13th of September I went out to Langley to pick up Grandpa and we went down to Stanley Park for a celebration of the Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. We went for a lunch in the Pavilion hosted by the Air Force Officers Association and then went outside for a small ceremony.

There were some people present but I suspect they were either dignitaries, air force types, or relatives of the air force cadets that were on parade. No one remembers any more.

I know that times have changed but I find it sad that our children have never known the sacrifice and don’t understand the strength of the people who fought for Canada in that war. The people who came back from that war were special, their values were special, and they made this country special.

Grandpa was well received at the luncheon but those were people who knew him. Outside, at the ceremony and march past, no one noticed the medals, no cadets came up to talk to him, no one recognized what the decorations meant.

I guess in a way it is what Grandpa went to war for: so our children would not know war. In that he was successful. But in the process the young don’t know about the war and don’t recognize the service his awards signify. That part I find sad.